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Spectrum Cheapest Internet Plan Review: Pricing, Features, and Benefits 

With the rising bills and increased cost of living, everyone is looking forward to saving some money for rainy days. As the internet has become a staple for every household, the search for the cheapest internet plan is routine for most people. 

The rising demand for the internet more than ever has flourished the telecommunication industry. More and more companies are taking the risk to facilitate customers with cheap internet plans and high-speed downloads. 

Internet service providers in the United States are available in almost every state whether it be a rural or urban area. However, the type of internet connection varies in every area and so does the service provider. 

When it comes to extensive coverage, only a handful of service providers are facilitating users in a number of states. Spectrum is one of the top internet providers in the United States offering internet service in 42 states. With an extensive range of plans and benefits, Spectrum’s cheapest internet plan is a great value addition. 

If you are new to Spectrum and wish to switch in near future, make sure to read the post until the end to find everything you need to know. Let’s get started with cheap Spectrum internet plans, prices, and much more. 

Spectrum Cheapest Internet Plan Overview 

Spectrum offers three plans namely Spectrum internet, Spectrum internet ultra, and Spectrum internet gig. The cheapest Spectrum internet plan is Spectrum internet which offers a download speed of 300Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps. 

If you are an avid internet user, you might have got an idea about how speedy it is to handle all the devices at your home. Small households with 4 to 6 people living can easily catch on to internet speed without any delays, interruption, or buffering.

For instance, if you and your family members are binge-watching a Netflix season on each individual’s device, the speed won’t be affected at all, even if everyone is watching on high resolution. Moreover, the same goes for gaming and downloading activities. The speed remains blazing fast and the internet remains stable and uninterrupted. 

You might feel a little disappointed after looking at Spectrum’s upload speed. However, it is not as low as it looks. The speed is enough to hold video calls, stream twitch, and other activities. But the speed may decline if multiple devices are involved in similar activities. 

How Much is the Cheapest Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum cheapest internet plan review

Now comes the real part, how much is the cheapest Spectrum internet plan only? If you are subscribing to Spectrum internet plan, the good news is, you will be getting a discount for the first 12 months. Yes, you have heard that right, Spectrum discount for new customers allows everyone to avail deal without bragging much. However, after the first 12 months, Spectrum internet prices will surge back to normal. 

Spectrum Internet PlanSpectrum Internet Price for First 12 MonthsSpectrum Internet Price after 12 MonthsSpectrum Internet Download SpeedSpectrum Internet Upload Speed 
Spectrum Internet$49.99 per month for 12 months$79.99 per month 300Mbps10Mbps

If you were excited to know the price at first instance, you might have felt down a little bit after knowing the price after 12 months. But don’t worry, the price hike is not just limited to Spectrum only. Almost every other service provider does the same. To avoid disappointments, it is better to dig deeply into the price surges after the first 12 months. It would help you to avoid any surprises and a blow to your budget. At least, you can do some arrangements to fill the price surge. 

Spectrum Internet Assist: Affordable Internet Connectivity Program for Low-Income Households 

Spectrum is not just any ordinary service provider, vying for making profits. The Spectrum internet assist program for low-income households is a great option for those who can’t afford to pay hefty internet prices every month. Spectrum internet assist for $23 per month allows you to connect to blazing-fast internet with a download speed of 30Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps. The cost also includes a $5 fee for a WiFi router, which can be avoided if you purchase your own. 

Spectrum Internet Assist is a great option for low-income households to benefit from decent bandwidth. From normal browsing and socializing with friends to HD video streaming and playing games goes well with 30Mbps Spectrum low-income internet. However, if you want to further reduce the price by purchasing your own router, you will find it surprising that Spectrum charges WiFi on low-income internet. 

But that cost should not hurt you at all because there is a lot more offered by Spectrum that otherwise would cost you money. For instance, you are free from signing any contracts as Spectrum internet plans including Spectrum low-income internet free from any contractual obligations. Terminate the service anytime you want without paying any cancellation fees. Moreover, all Spectrum internet plans include a free security suite to keep you safe and protected from any cyber threats such as viruses and malware. 

If you successfully qualify for Spectrum Internet Assist, you still have to pay $50 for professional installation and $10 for self-install. 

To be eligible for Spectrum Internet Assist, you or any other family member in your house must be receiving assistance under the following programs. 

  1. Supplemental Security Income (For Applicants 65+ Years of Age)”
  2. Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP
  3. National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

To learn more about Spectrum Low Income Internet, check the link. 

What is the Cheapest Spectrum TV and Internet Package? 

What is the Cheapest Spectrum TV and Internet Package

Charter is not only offering Spectrum internet only plans to its subscribers. But also the service providers offer TV along with the home phone. However, if you are not really into paying for a home phone because of the cellular plan, you can stay with Spectrum internet and a TV package. 

The benefit of bundling Spectrum internet and TV is that you can save a decent amount of money, that would otherwise cost you a fortune. 

PlanPriceInternet Download SpeedTV Channel Count
Spectrum internet + TV Select$109.98 per month for 12 monthsUp to 300Mbps125+
Spectrum Internet + Select TV + Voice$129.97 per month for 12 monthsUp to 300Mbps125+

If you are looking forward to more savings and all services in one place, Spectrum cheapest TV and internet packages are good to go for. However, you can also find an alternative to Spectrum TV as well to help you save much more than you could expect from a Spectrum internet and TV package. 

Spectrum Internet Features and Benefits 

Spectrum Internet Features and Benefits 

Spectrum as mentioned earlier is one of the leading and top internet service providers in the United States. With coverage in 42 States across the country, you can blindly subscribe to Spectrum internet due to a number of features and benefits. 

If you are still in doubt, let’s shed some light on Spectrum Internet Features and Benefits. 

Unlimited Data Cap

Limited data cap could turn you off if you are an aggressive internet user. Nowadays, the internet demands more data limits to keep you engaged in activities like streaming, gaming, and downloading. Unluckily, the majority of internet service providers are offering limited data caps. 

However, you can keep your worries aside, if you are living in the Spectrum coverage area. The service provider offers unlimited data caps on all of its plans whether it be the cheapest Spectrum internet plan or Spectrum internet gig. Even if you are enrolled in Spectrum Internet Assist, you get the same number of benefits, you can expect from other Spectrum packages and plans. 

No Contract Obligation 

When it comes to Spectrum internet features and benefits, you can expect more than what you pay for. Whether you go for the cheapest Spectrum internet plan or the most expensive one, Spectrum makes sure to offer value for money. 

One of the benefits of Spectrum is that all of its plans and packages are free of contract. If you are a frequent mover and can’t afford to sign a contract with an ISP, Spectrum is surely a great deal for you. 

Spectrum offers Internet plans that suit every budget without binding subscribers to a long-term contract. In case anyone wants to cancel the subscription, Spectrum will not charge an extra cancellation fee for the remaining period. And if someone is stuck with another provider locked in a contract, but wishes to switch to Spectrum, there is no need to worry. Spectrum offers a contract buyout option up to $500. While for Spectrum Business Internet, the contract buyout is up to $1000. 

If you are waiting for the contract period to end to switch to Spectrum services later, you can switch to it as soon as today. 

Free Security Suite 

Internet is a blessing for everyone. However, things can turn out to be a nightmare, if preventive measures are not taken. For instance, phishing, spamming, viruses, and malware are a few security threats to mention. 

However, with Spectrum’s free security suite, you can not only prevent yourself from viruses and attacks but also monitor your kids’ activities and set limits. Some of the features of Spectrum’s free security suite include 

  • Firewall
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Online Parental Controls
  • Antibot Scanner
  • Browsing Protection 

Free Modem 

Internet service providers are in the habit of charging money from subscribers without any reason. One of them is renting out a modem for a monthly charge ranging from $10-$20. However, when it comes to Spectrum, you will be given a  free modem to keep you connected to blazing-fast internet. However, if you wish to have a wireless network in your home, that too would not cost you more than $5. How good a Spectrum internet plan can be?

Spectrum Out-of-Home WiFi 

Being a Spectrum internet customer is no less than a blessing. You can keep yourself connected to the internet, even out of the home. Spectrum Out of Home WiFi allows customers to access nationwide WiFi access points without any extra charges. 

One of the reasons to connect to Spectrum Out of Home WiFi is that it offers more security compared to other public WiFi. Stay safe with Spectrum Hotspot when out of the home to avoid any cyberattacks or other threats. 

Save More with Spectrum One 

Spectrum is gaining attention with each passing day due to a number of features and benefits. Spectrum One is one of the offers you can sign up for to get hands-on experience with free advanced WiFi and 1 unlimited mobile line for the first 12 months. 

Spectrum One starting price is only $49.99 per month for 12 months, which includes access to nationwide 5G, enhanced security, and no contract internet. 

And if you are eligible for Affordable Connectivity Program, you can get Spectrum One only for $19.99 per month after your monthly credit is applied. 

How to Save Money on Spectrum Internet?

How to Save Money on Spectrum Internet

So far we have covered everything you need to know about the Spectrum cheapest internet plan. But you could even save more with the cheapest Spectrum internet plans by following the tips given below. Let’s find out how to save money on Spectrum internet. 

Buy Your Own Router

Spectrum offers a free modem on all of its internet plans. You can only connect your device using an ethernet cable. However, it is not possible for you to connect to the internet without having WiFi. 

If you go with Spectrum WiFi, unluckily it would cost you $5 per month, which constitutes $60 per annum. But there is no restriction on buying your own router except that the WiFi router must be compatible with Spectrum. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look around for Spectrum-compatible routers as we have already covered in one of our posts. 

Choose a Plan that Suits Your Requirement 

One of the mistakes people make is opting for a plan that offers more speed. It could end up paying more for what’s not needed. For instance, if you are your spouse is living in an apartment, the Spectrum internet 300Mbps plan is an ideal option to go for rather than subscribing to Spectrum Internet Ultra or Spectrum Internet Gig. Even if both of you are heavy internet users, Spectrum’s basic plan is good enough to meet your daily online activities. 

Go for an Alternative to Spectrum TV

We are living in an age where everything is accessible on the internet. The same goes for cable channels and live programming. When it comes to Spectrum TV, you will be getting 125+ channels out of which you will only be watching 4 to 5 channels at max.

Just like Spectrum Internet prices, Spectrum TV prices also surge after a year. This could add up to your bill, even if you select a basic plan for both. The best approach is to look for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and many more. 

And if you are a huge sports fan, you can also find streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling, Philo, and many more. Without worrying about hidden charges, cancellation fees, or additional costs, you only have to pay a flat fee each month. Some of the streaming services cost less than $10 per month, such as Hulu. 

Remove Unnecessary Channel Packages 

You might have subscribed to additional packages to watch your favorite season or movies. Once you have finished watching them, there might be chances that you will be paying additional charges without any reason. Make sure to remove any additional channel packages you have subscribed to Spectrum TV.

Check for Spectrum Low Income Internet Eligibility 

When it comes to Spectrum Low Income Internet, make sure to check your eligibility. You can save much on your internet plan while enjoying the same benefits that you get with any other Spectrum plan. 

Summing Up

Choosing an internet service provider is no less than a challenge. Not only do you have to look at the cost you pay, but also the value you get. When it comes to value in terms of money, Spectrum internet is exceptional in terms of affordability, reliability, benefits, and features. 

One of the best things about Spectrum internet is its no-contract plans and unlimited data caps. 

On top of it, you can also enjoy Spectrum One which brings more savings for the first 12 months. Enjoy an unlimited phone line with advanced Spectrum WiFi and an internet plan of your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the cheapest Spectrum Internet plan?

A. Spectrum cheapest internet plan is Spectrum internet offering a download speed of up to 300Mbps and an upload speed of up to 10Mbps. The cheapest Spectrum internet plan costs only $49.99 per month for 12 months. After 12 months, Spectrum cheapest internet plan costs $79.99 per month.

Q. Is Spectrum One only for internet customers?

A. Yes, Spectrum One is only for Spectrum internet customers. If you have not subscribed to Spectrum internet, you can subscribe to any plan by dialing 1-833-951-2379

Q. What type of internet is provided by Spectrum?

A. Spectrum internet is a hybrid of fiber and coaxial cable. The download speed can reach up to 1 Gbps. 

Q. What comes free with Spectrum Internet?

A. Spectrum internet offers a free modem along with a security suite on all of its plans. 

Q. Is Spectrum WiFi router free?

A. No Spectrum WiFi router is not free. Spectrum charges $5 per month for renting a WiFi router. However, you can avoid WiFi charges by buying your own router. 

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