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How much is Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus Plans?

Do you know Spectrum, the biggest internet service provider also offers cellular plans to its internet customers? And if you know that and have not yet benefited from it all because of not knowing how much is Spectrum Mobile unlimited plus plans? Then Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plans cost only $39.99 per month per line. While if that seems too expensive, you can choose Spectrum Mobile Unlimited for $29.99 per month per line. And do not worry, if your data needs are not that much because Spectrum Mobile by the gig plan costs only $14 per month per Gig. Pay as you use without worrying about your data being unutilized and unused. 

Let’s talk about some of the things you don’t know about Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus and Spectrum Mobile Unlimited in this post. But before anything else, it is worth mentioning that Spectrum Mobile plans are available for Spectrum internet customers only. However, if you are a new customer, you can also subscribe to any of the Spectrum Mobile plans by just ordering Spectrum internet. Stay tuned, because there are many hidden treasures and money-saving bundles in this post. Let’s unwind them now. 

What is Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus?

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan is one of the plans to look for if you want an affordable cellular plan without any complex billing and plans. You get what’s stated on the official website of Spectrum. 

For instance, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus includes 30 Gb of data per month per line. Once you have consumed 30 GB of data, you will still be able to connect to the internet, but at a reduced downloading and uploading speed. However, once you have recharged your account, the original speed will be restored back to normal. And you don’t have to worry about paying for the extra data you used. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus Cost

spectrum mobile unlimited plus cost

Now you will be wondering how much is Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus cost. You can enjoy Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus for only $39.99/month per line. The best part is you will not be slapped with additional charges, taxes, or hidden fees. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited vs Unlimited Plus

Spectrum Mobile plans are not a burden on your budget. You get value for money on both Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus. But there is a slight difference between these two plans in terms of features and cost. Let’s take a look at Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Vs Unlimited Plus. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plan Vs Unlimited Plus Cost

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited costs you only $29.99 per month per line. It includes everything from 5G nationwide access to unlimited data, text, and calls. And at any point you feel you need extra, you can easily switch from Spectrum mobile unlimited to Spectrum mobile unlimited plus. 

On the other hand, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus costs only $39.99 per month per line, which includes extra benefits such as more data limits, unlimited text, and unlimited calls. Surf, stream, play, and do whatever you like without any limits. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Vs Unlimited Plus Hotspot

No matter, what plan you choose, you will get free access to Spectrum Out of Home WiFi or Spectrum hotspot. You can save much of your data by connecting to the free network. No need to worry about running out of data and paying extra before the month ends and stay connected to high-speed and secure internet out of the home. But make sure to be in Spectrum’s coverage area to be able to access out-of-home WiFi. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Vs Unlimited Plus Data Cap 

Internet with a data cap can give a lot of pain to internet users who can’t live offline for a moment. That is why Spectrum Mobile plans are equipped with data caps that are unlimited. 

For instance, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited offers 20GB of data per month per line while Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus offers 30GB of data per month per line. But that does not mean you are going to be disconnected unless you pay for it. The only thing that will be taken away is the speed. Yes, you will experience speed throttling, once you have used all your data before the next billing cycle. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Vs Unlimited Plus Talk and Text

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus both come with talk and text that never ends. Both Spectrum Mobile Plans offer free calls to Canada and Mexico for up to 2000 minutes per month. 

Moreover, it also allows subscribers to enjoy sending texts to over 200 countries from the United States. And when it comes to international roaming rates, they are quite affordable. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Vs Unlimited Plus Devices Access

Spectrum Mobile Plans are better and affordable in every aspect. Whether you choose Spectrum Mobile Unlimited or Unlimited Plus, you can have access to devices including tablets and smartwatches as well. However, an additional $10 needs to be paid, if you want to pair your smartwatch with your phone to use the Spectrum Mobile plan.

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Vs Unlimited Plus Contract

Whatever Spectrum Mobile plan you choose, there is no contractual obligation. You can cancel the service anytime without paying hefty cancellation charges. You can also get a 30 days money-back guarantee, if not satisfied with Spectrum Mobile services. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus Pros and Cons

spectrum mobile unlimited pros and cos

Spectrum mobile unlimited is packed with a bunch of goodies at an affordable price. Whether you want to attend a video conference while driving or need to make calls to a loved one living outside the United States, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus is a perfect cellular plan to consider. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus along with the downside of Spectrum Mobile. 

Advantages of Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus

Access 5G Network 

Spectrum uses Verizon’s cellular network to facilitate its customers with data, text, and calls. Therefore, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus customers can have access to a 5G network without bearing extra charges. However, you must have a  5G-enabled phone to take advantage of 5G speed.. Spectrum Mobile customers can either keep their own phone and benefit from the BYOD facility or shop from the Spectrum Mobile store. 

Unlimited Text, Calls, and Data 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus offers everything you need to catch up with your loved ones, stay connected, and be in touch. The Spectrum mobile plan is bundled with a bunch of everyday necessities without emptying the pocket. With unlimited text and calls, you can not only call within the United States but also those living in Canada and Mexico. Moreover, if most of your work is online, you can stay connected throughout the day at blazing-fast speed. With 30GB of data, it is more than enough for a month to let you browse, stream, and have video calls. 

Spectrum Out-of-Home WiFi 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan also allows you to access Spectrum Out of Home WiFi to let you stay connected to high-speed internet on the go. You can connect to Spectrum Out of Home WiFi automatically whenever you are in the range. 

If you are not a Spectrum customer yet and want to get hands-on experience with Spectrum Out of Home WiFi, simply sign up for a free 30-minute trial. Make WiFi calls, browse the internet, stream videos, and do whatever you like with free Spectrum out-of-home WiFi access and save mobile data. 

No Contract Obligation 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus is just like any other Spectrum plan without any contract binding. Use as much as you want and cancel anytime without any trouble. Never pay a single dime for canceling the subscription. 

Downside of Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus

downside spectrum mobile unlimited plus

Exclusive to Spectrum Internet Customers Only

If you are a Spectrum internet customer, you can subscribe to Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus without any complications. However, if you are not, you first need to subscribe to Spectrum internet to be eligible for Spectrum Mobile. 

Spectrum Mobile Customer Service is Not Satisfactory 

A lot of complaints have been observed over the period where customers are not happy with Spectrum Mobile customer service

Summing Up

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan is not an ordinary deal to miss. If you are a Spectrum internet subscriber, you can opt for Spectrum mobile unlimited plus plan without any hassle. And if you want to enjoy some savings as well, make sure not to miss out on Spectrum One offering Advanced WiFi, internet, and mobile starting from $49.99 per month for 12 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus truly unlimited?

A. Spectrum Mobile has a data cap of 30 GB. Once you hit the data cap, the speed will start throttling, but you can still use the internet.

Q. What carrier is Spectrum Mobile?

A. Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s network to deliver uninterrupted and blazing-fast cellphone services to its customers including text, calls, and data. 

Q. Does Spectrum Mobile slow down?

A. Yes, Spectrum Mobile slows down as soon as you reach the data cap. However, the speed will get back to normal once you pay the bill.

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