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How to Speed Up My Spectrum Internet?

Internet that started with a speed of 56kbps has now reached not less than 1gig. With the advancement in technology and high dependency on the internet, no one can afford a slow internet connection. 

With plenty of internet service providers in the United States, Spectrum undoubtedly leads from the front with affordable internet plans and packages. Spectrum internet plans starting from 300Mbps way up to 1 Gig allow every household to enjoy high-speed internet at all times. Whether it be downloading large files, attending a video conference, playing online games with friends, connecting multiple smart devices simultaneously, or streaming on 4K resolution, Spectrum internet delivers high-speed internet without disruption. 

However, sometimes it may turn out to be cranky and slow as a snail. But that does not mean picking up the phone, canceling the service, and subscribing to another one without waiting for a moment. If you are facing Spectrum’s slow speed at night or during the day, you can fix it without calling customer service. Let’s find out how to speed up your Spectrum internet. 

Spectrum Internet Speed Test 

Before we discuss how to speed up Spectrum’s internet, it is important to test the speed. No matter, what internet plan you have subscribed to, you need to check whether you are getting the actual speed or not. If not, you first need to check and troubleshoot the internet on your side. If the problem still persists, you can call Spectrum Customer Service for assistance. 

However, if you are getting the speed as much as advertised on the official website, the reason might be that you need to upgrade your existing plan. Chances are you might not be willing to pay the additional cost that comes with upgrading your Spectrum internet plan. In that case, make sure to follow guidelines on how to speed up your Spectrum internet. 

How to Speed Up Spectrum Internet?

How to Speed Up My Spectrum Internet

If you are facing slow speed, there is no need to worry at all. A few quick fixes will help you to speed up Spectrum internet. Let’s take a look at it. 

Change the Location of Your WiFi Router 

If Spectrum is not getting full speed and you are connected via a WiFi router, then changing the position of your router will surely fix the issue. Firstly, you need to place your router in the center of your home (the living room is an ideal option). 

Moreover, if your WiFi router is placed in a cupboard or any other enclosed space, make sure to take it out and put it in an open space. Placing a WiFi router near the microwave could also slow down the speed of your Spectrum internet. Make sure to keep it away from any obstacles. 

Restart Your Equipment 

Internet speed can become really slow if you have not restarted your WiFi router and modem for a while. If you are facing slow-speed Spectrum internet, make sure to restart it and wait for at least half a minute. Plug it back in and wait for the lights to be stable. Once the lights are stable, check whether the speed is back to normal or not. 

Try WiFi Extender 

If you are living in a big home, you might confront slow-speed internet in different areas of your house. The reason is that the WiFi router is not capable of delivering signals to areas out of the range. That is why you might see dead spots and no signals in most parts of your home. 

If that is the case, you can buy a new WiFi extender, which will not cost you more than $30-$50. By installing a WiFi extender, the signals will reach every nook and corner of your home and deliver high-speed internet. You can now stream movies, play games, and download files on a WiFi connection. 

Disconnect Idle Devices  

Sometimes internet speed throttles at night or during peak time. You might ask, Spectrum offers unlimited data on its internet plans, then why come throttling internet speed? The reason is that due to high bandwidth and the influx of internet users, the speed might not be normal as it used to be. 

The best way to ensure high-speed internet is to disconnect idle devices that are not being used but are still connected to the same network. By disconnecting idle devices, you will experience much better speed. The reason is that most of the devices connected to the internet are consuming bandwidth due to the running of background applications. By disconnecting those devices, it will help speed up the internet connection.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan 

Almost everyone in the house uses the internet, be it kids, adults, teens, or old aged. Some of the members might be using the internet for work purposes. While others may be busy streaming Netflix seasons, downloading heavy files, or playing games like Mortal Combat. Moreover, smart home devices that are running 24 hours a day also consume some amount of bandwidth. 

Your internet plan might need an upgrade if you are facing slow speed often. The reason is that the online activities are too heavy to handle and need a plan upgrade to meet the requirements of everyone in the home without disrupting speed. 

Buy a New WiFi Router 

If you are an avid gamer and die-hard streamer, you probably need to buy a router that is made specifically for heavy internet users. Make sure to check the list of Spectrum-compatible WiFi routers before ordering a new one. 

Nowadays, WiFi routers for gamers available on the market are a bit expensive but deliver optimal speed and can handle high bandwidth activities without slowing the speed. Some of the best gaming WiFi routers you can trust blindly are TP-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Asus, ARRIS, Motorola, and Cisco. 

Upgrade Firmware of Your Router

Upgrading the firmware of your router will also fix the speed issues. Make sure to check the firmware updates regularly, not only to allow blazing-fast speed but also to prevent any vulnerable attacks such as viruses and malware. 

Clear the Browser Cache

When you visit a website, the information is stored by the browser which is normally known as a cache. Next time you visit the website, it will load much faster, but oftentimes, pesky data and glitches might cause problems. 

But there is no need to worry as every browser including Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome allows you to clear cache from their respective settings. Make sure to clear the cache and if possible browsing history to speed up your internet. 

Check for Viruses and Malware

Staying online almost throughout the day might result in viruses and malware in your system. This could lead to slow internet speed as well as the low performance of your laptop/desktop. Make sure to check for viruses and malware often and clean it to avoid such problems. 

Internet Service Outage 

If you are facing speed issues with Spectrum, there might be an internet service outage in your area. You can check for Spectrum internet outages in several ways either by logging into your online account or using the Spectrum app to set alerts for outages. Moreover, you can also check their website, call customer service, or visit Spectrum’s Twitter handle. For more details visit “is there a Spectrum outage in my area”. 

Use Ethernet Cable 

The Internet can be connected in many ways including WiFi or ethernet cable.If you are facing speed issues, make sure to use an ethernet cable to check the speed. All you need to do is connect one end of your ethernet cable to your laptop, and the other end to the modem. Once they are connected, check the speed of your internet. Is it back to normal or still causing trouble? If the problem still persists, the last option is to call Spectrum Customer Support. 

Call Spectrum Customer Support 

After trying every method to speed up Spectrum internet, the problem is still there, you need to call Spectrum Customer Service. You may ask them to assist you with how to get it back to normal or ask them to send a technician to resolve the issue. If the problem is still not resolved, you may threaten them by asking them to terminate the service immediately. 

Summing Up

Our dependency on the internet is increasing every day. But when the speed is not optimal, our life comes to a halt and frustration increases more than anything else. However, it is not an issue that you or any particular person is facing. It is normal and can be fixed by following the aforementioned tips. 

Even if you are not using Spectrum internet and facing speed issues, you can try the steps and get your internet connection back to normal. 

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