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Spectrum Internet Ultra Vs Gig Review: Pricing, Speed, Pros and Cons, and Availability 

Looking for the best internet is something worth spending time on. As long as you have not decided, you are always struggling to opt for the best plan. No matter what internet service provider is available in your area and which one you have chosen, still the spree continues. 

The reason is quite evident with the growing need for the internet, you cannot settle for the least one. At least, if you are a digital entrepreneur with some love for gaming, streaming, and socializing, you have to choose the best of the best – no more no less. 

The availability of service providers in different areas differs. If you have recently moved from another city or state, you might have some inclination and love for the previous service provider. But on checking the availability in your area by Zip Code, you might end up being disappointed. The reason is that not every service provider is available in every area. You need to sift through other options to get the best one. 

With coverage in 41 states across the United States, Spectrum remains one of the leading internet service providers. The company has been facilitating its customers with both residential and business internet to meet specific requirements. 

Although Spectrum offers only limited internet plans to its customers, the benefits are unlimited and the features are mind-blowing. If you are new to Spectrum, you might be looking forward to what are the plans and packages offered by Spectrum. 

Spectrum currently offers three internet plans namely, 

  1. Spectrum Internet 
  2. Spectrum Internet Ultra 
  3. Spectrum Internet Gig 

If you are new to, you can find loads of information about Spectrum internet plans and packages. Some of the topics you might be interested in include:

Today we will be doing side by side comparison of Spectrum Internet Ultra and Spectrum Internet. Let’s review Spectrum Internet Ultra Vs Gig to give you an idea about what’s being offered. 

Spectrum Internet Ultra Overview 

spectrum internet ultra preview

Spectrum Internet Ultra is one of the mid-tier plans offered by service providers with a whooping speed of 500Mbps. It is just too speedy to handle, but the fact is, Spectrum internet ultra is suitable for medium households with extreme users including streamers, gamers, and downloaders. And if you are a digital content creator or remote worker, the Spectrum internet plan will handle online tasks without any disruption. Whether it be downloading and uploading important files, having a video call with your boss, or watching training videos online, Spectrum internet ultra is a great deal for digital nomads, large families, smart homeowners, wild streamers, and avid gamers. Compared to Spectrum Internet’s basic plan, Spectrum Internet Ultra is a better option for households with lots of gamers. 

Spectrum Internet Gig Overview 

Spectrum Internet Gig is one of the fastest and most expensive internet plans offered by a service provider. With a whooping speed of 1000Mbps, unfortunately, the availability is only in select areas. A highly recommended internet package for those who are sharing the internet with a number of internet users involved in activities like gaming, streaming, uploading, and downloading. 

One of the benefits of Spectrum Internet gig over other plans is that it is a combination of both cable/fiber, which ultimately leads to a more reliable, consistent, and stable internet connection. It is important to mention that Spectrum internet gig plan will keep you connected, without troubleshooting the common internet problems. For instance, you don’t need to disconnect other devices to speed up your internet. 

Spectrum Internet Ultra Price 

spectrum internet ultra price

Spectrum Internet Ultra as discussed is a great deal for medium households with streamers and gamers. As Spectrum Internet Ultra download speed is up to 500Mbps, there is no doubt that it will never disappoint you. However, when it comes to Spectrum Internet ultra price, for the first 12 months, you will enjoy a promotional price. But once you have completed your year, the Spectrum Internet ultra price will increase. Let’s take a look at Spectrum Internet Ultra prie for the first 12 months and after 12 months. 

Spectrum Internet Ultra Price for First 12 Months 

Spectrum Internet PlanDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice for First 12 Months
Spectrum Internet UltraUp to 500Mbps20Mbps$69.99 per month for the first 12 months

Spectrum Internet Ultra Price After 12 Months 

Spectrum Internet PlanDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice for First 12 Months
Spectrum Internet UltraUp to 500Mbps20Mbps$99.99 per month 

Keep in mind that the cost does not include any other charges such as installation costs, activation charges, and other charges. 

Spectrum Internet Gig Price for the First 12 Months 

Spectrum Internet PlanDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice for First 12 Months
Spectrum Internet GigUp to 1,000Mbps35Mbps$89.99 per month for the first 12 months

Spectrum Internet Gig Price After 12 Months 

Spectrum Internet PlanDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice for First 12 Months
Spectrum Internet GigUp to 1,00Mbps35Mbps$119.99 per month 

Spectrum Internet Ultra and Gig Availability

spectrum internet ultra and gig availability

Spectrum internet ultra and gig availability is mostly found in urban and suburban areas. This includes areas on the west and easy causes such as Los Angeles and New York. After merging with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network in 2016, Spectrum’s coverage area has increased, and stands as the second-largest internet provider in the United States. Here’s an overview of Spectrum Internet Ultra and Gig availability. It is necessary to confirm your availability by entering your zip code. 

Spectrum Internet Availability by State 

VermontCaliforniaNew JerseyNew Hampshire
New MexicoFloridaGeorgiaWisconsin
West VirginiaNorth CarolinaOhioMassachusetts
New YorkWashingtonConnecticutMaryland
MissouriSouth CarolinaIndianaIllinois

*Accuracy not guaranteed. Go to Spectrum’s Official Website to Check the Availability

How Fast is Spectrum Internet Ultra? 

Spectrum Internet Ultra download speed is up to 500Mbps. While Spectrum Internet Ultra upload speed is up to 20Mbps. So the question is how fast is 500 Mbps download speed? Is it worth giving the bang for your buck? Or is it just a gimmick to attract customers like you? Yes, Spectrum internet ultra is worth every penny. 

Is Spectrum Internet Ultra Good for Gaming?

As we all know gaming has evolved over the years and requires a decent amount of upload and download speed. The question is whether Spectrum Internet Ultra is good for gaming. The answer is yes Spectrum internet ultra is good for gaming, even on multiple devices.

 According to the experts, it requires only 3-5Mbps download speed to enjoy seamless gaming. Now imagine if you have a Spectrum Internet Ultra plan, how much bandwidth you would have to experience lag-free and seamless gaming?

Even if there are other people in your home connected to the same network and playing games. Moreover, downloading huge games take quite some time, if you are connected to the internet with less than 25Mbps. However, 500Mbps internet is ideal to download tens of hundreds of gigabytes of games within a few minutes. 

No matter, whether you are in competition with your friends on the ground of Call of Duty or defending your title on Mortal Kombat, you can experience gaming like never before. Rest assured Spectrum Internet Ultra is going to be the ultimate choice for a house full of gamers. 

Is Spectrum Internet Ultra Good for Streaming?

DVDs and cassettes have been replaced with online streaming platforms. A very small population either relies on these traditional ways to watch their favorite movies and TV series or rely on cable TV channels. 

When it comes to streaming with Spectrum Internet Ultra, you might be wondering how good it is to stream at 500Mbps. At this point, it is worth mentioning that by streaming we mean not only watching movies and TV series on streaming platforms like Netflix but also includes watching YouTube videos and listening to music on apps like Spotify. 

If you are going to stream videos on 500Mbps, guess what, it is not only sufficient for you to stream without buffering, but also as much as up to 100 devices and more. The reason is that average HD YouTube video requires only 3-5Mbps speed. 

When it comes to Netflix, you still have plenty of room for others to enjoy smooth streaming. A 500Mbps internet will be enough to handle up to 100 devices simultaneously to stream content on FHD. While the connection is enough to manage 20 devices simultaneously streaming on 4K resolution. 

If you are not much into watching videos, but are a music and podcast lover, you will find Spectrum Internet Ultra to be extremely useful. For instance, streaming audio only requires 0.5Mbps, which in the case of Spectrum Internet Ultra can allow up to 1000 devices simultaneously. 

Is Spectrum Internet Ultra Good for Video Calls?

If you work online as a freelancer or remote worker, chances are you need to attend video calls over Skype or Zoom. It might have been a turn-off, f you had faced any glitches during the meeting due to poor internet connection. But Spectrum Internet Ultra is good for video calls and can handle it without creating a fuss. 

Moreover, the best part is you don’t have to pause or stop any of your activities while attending a video call. For instance, if you are downloading a huge game, you don’t need to pause it to continue attending your meeting. Without compromising on the quality of video or clarity of audio, Spectrum Internet Ultra gives you enough speed to carry on several activities simultaneously. 

How Fast is Spectrum Internet Gig?

how fast is spectrum internet gig

How fast is Spectrum’s internet gig has been answered previously in our post. Spectrum Internet Gig speed is up to 1,000Mbps, which is even double that of Spectrum Internet Ultra. As we have already discussed what Spectrum internet ultra is good at, there is no need to elaborate on anything that is double the speed. But still, we will elaborate shortly, in case you have skipped the above apart. 

Support Multiple Users

Almost every household has members that are engaged in online activities. Whether it be casual browsing and socializing or heavy streaming and hardcore gaming, kids, adults, and teenagers are glued to the screen all the time. This also means some amount of bandwidth is being used all the time. But unlike any other internet plan, Spectrum internet gig is different. With a speed of up to 1000Mbps, Spectrum Gig Internet allows you to do things in a jiffy. No waiting, no lags, no stuttering, and no buffering – just a smooth and steady connection that works seamlessly throughout the year. 

Smooth Streaming in 4K Resolution 

Without a doubt, every one of us wants to enjoy clarity when it comes to watching favorite movie, TV show, or any other program. Some people might have switched to cable despite of paying hefty bills because of bad experiences with streaming. If you are one of those, you can trust Spectrum internet gig to not only let you watch movies and TV shows without buffering but also allow you to watch in ultra HD and 4K resolution. On top of it, Spectrum’s internet gig allows you to stream in Ultra HD and 4K resolution on multiple devices simultaneously without disconnecting any of the devices.  

Gaming without Lags

Gamers are addicted to gaming and can’t spend their leisure time without it. But the majority of gamers often complain about gaming that stops right in the middle when the battle is about to end. Apart from playing games, one of the biggest challenges gamers face is downloading games of large sizes. But Spectrum internet gig is not only good in offering seamless and lag-free gaming but also helps download games in a jiffy. 

Video Call with Clarity in Voice and Picture 

If you have to attend video meetings often, having a stable and high-speed internet connection is a must. But you might not be willing to attend video calls if you have faced a pretty embarrassing situation before everyone in the form of disconnection, stuttering, and poor-quality video/audio. Spectrum Internet Gig handles everything with ease without giving you any reason to avoid video calls. Even if the people in the next room are watching Netflix on 4K resolution or other heavy tasks are being performed, you can attend video calls without worrying. 

Smart Home Devices 

Our homes are equipped with smart home devices such as voice assistants, smart speakers, video doorbells, security cameras, smart TVs, smart lights, and many more. When it comes to a single smart home device, it might not be consuming too much bandwidth. But when combined, it could drastically reduce the speed of the internet, especially during peak times. However, Spectrum Internet Gig is speedy enough to handle all kinds of devices simultaneously without giving you a headache. Without disconnecting your smart home devices, you can stream, game, and do whatever activity you want. 

Pros and Cons Spectrum Internet Ultra 

Pros Spectrum Internet UltraCons Spectrum Internet Ultra
Support Multiple Device ConnectivityMonthly WiFi Fee
Unlimited Data CapsWireless Speed May Vary
No Contract ObligationsPrice Increase After 12 Months
Free Spectrum Out-of-Home WiFi
Free Advanced WiFi and Unlimited Mobile LIne with Spectrum One 
Free Modem and Security Suite 

Pros and Cons Spectrum Internet Gig 

Pros Spectrum Internet GigCons Spectrum Internet Gig 
Support Multiple Device ConnectivityAvailable in Limited Areas
Unlimited Data CapsNeed a Compatible Modem and Router for Optimal Performance 
No Contract ObligationsPrice Increase After 12 Months 
Free Spectrum Out-of-Home WiFi
Free Advanced WiFi and Unlimited Mobile LIne with Spectrum One 
Free Modem and Security Suite 
Free WiFi

Features and Benefits of Spectrum Ultra Internet and Spectrum Gig Internet 

Spectrum offers everything to facilitate its customers, no matter what plan and package they opt for. When it comes to Spectrum internet plans and packages, the features and benefits remain the same across all plans. Let’s find out the common benefits and features of Spectrum Internet. 

No Contract Obligations 

Contractual obligations can break you from the inside out. Imagine, if you subscribe to a service provider and come to know about its poor service and slow-speed internet. There is no choice rather than to fulfill the contract period. Otherwise, you need to pay a hefty amount for the remaining period. 

But Spectrum is just different from the rest of the service providers. No matter what plan you choose, you are free to cancel anytime without paying hefty termination charges. And if you are already stuck with another service provider, Spectrum contract buyout of up to $500 will free you from the shackles of the contract. So what are you waiting for subscribe to Spectrum Internet without further delay. 

Unlimited Data Caps 

Our lives are surrounded by the internet whether it be gaming, working, streaming, or downloading. As the majority of service providers limit data caps, Spectrum is just exceptional. Whether you go for Spectrum Internet ultra or gig plan, Spectrum offers you unlimited data caps. Enjoy the freedom and explore the unlimited world of the internet with unlimited data caps. Connect as many devices as you want, stream as much as you can, and download as much as needed, Spectrum data caps are never going to end. 

Free Modem and Security Suite 

As mentioned earlier, Spectrum brings everything to facilitate its customers. When it comes to equipment such as a modem, most of the service providers charge a rental fee, which could accumulate to a few hundred bucks each year. 

But Spectrum gives a free modem to all of its internet customers without charging a dime. However, for Spectrum internet gig customers only, Spectrum offers free WiFi router, which may cost you $5 per month with other Spectrum internet plans. 

Apart from a free modem, a security suite is also included in the Spectrum internet plan to offer you security and protection while browsing the internet. Stay away from potential malware and viruses to protect your private and personal data. 

Free Out-of-Home WiFi 

Spectrum Internet customers are lucky enough to have coverage in their area. Spectrum makes sure to provide seamless internet to its customers without any delays whether it be in the home or out of the home. That is why Spectrum Out of Home WiFi allows Spectrum Internet customers to connect to the internet on the go. With over 530,000 access points, you can connect to Spectrum WiFi out of home without worrying about security and privacy. If you are not a Spectrum Internet customer, you can get a free trial for up to 30 minutes. 

More Savings with Spectrum One

If you were planning to search for the best cellular plan, look no further. If you are a Spectrum Internet customer, you can enjoy free advanced WiFi and unlimited line for 12 months. All you have to do is to pay for the internet only for a year. Save as much as $400 for the whole year and enjoy 5G nationwide coverage that includes unlimited text and talk time along with high-speed internet and access to Out of Home WiFi. 

Save Even More with Spectrum One 

No it’s not the same as you have read in the previous paragraph. If you qualify and are eligible for Affordable Connectivity Program, you could save up to $30 per month on your internet service. That means Spectrum One bundle will cost you only $19.99 per month after your monthly credit is applied. 

Advanced WiFi with Additional Features 

You might be wondering about what Spectrum Advanced WiFi actually is. The device is available to use for 12 months without paying a dime. Some of the main features include:

  • Added Protection and Security for a Better Online Experience
  • Integrated with WiFi 6 Technology for Faster and Stronger Connection
  • Control Home Network Right from Your Smartphone
  • Allocate Speed to Device Individually
  • Connecting, Updating, and Sharing Network Information is Just a Tap Away 

Summing Up

In this detailed review, we have compared Spectrum Internet Ultra Vs Spectrum Internet Gig side by side. No matter, what plan you choose, make sure to analyze your needs before you end up paying more without any reason. Both of the plans are worth paying every dime and offer value for money. You will not regret subscribing to any of the Spectrum internet plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Spectrum Internet Ultra and Internet Gig?

A. The main difference between Spectrum internet ultra and Gig is the speed and price. Spectrum Internet gig offers a download speed of up to 500Mbps and an upload speed of up to 20Mbps. While Spectrum Internet Gig offers a download speed of up to 1,000Mbps and upload speed of up to 35Mbps

Q. How fast is Spectrum Internet Ultra?

A. Spectrum Internet Ultra download speed is up to 500Mbps. And the upload speed of the internet ultra is up to 20Mbps

Q. How fast is Spectrum internet gig?

A. Spectrum Internet gig offers a download speed of up to 1,000Mbps. While the upload speed of Spectrum Internet gig is 35Mbps. 

Q. How much is Spectrum internet ultra after 12 months?

A. Spectrum internet ultra price after 12 months is $99.99 per month 

Q. How much is Spectrum internet gig after 12 months?

A. Spectrum Internet Gig price after 12 months is $119.99 per month 

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