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Is Spectrum Better than Cox: Spectrum Vs Cox Review

spectrum vs cox review

The Internet is one of the most demanding necessities for every household. It has evolved over the years and living without it is almost impossible in today’s digital era. From daily commutes to scheduling meetings, and streaming favorite TV shows to socializing, the internet is injected into our daily routine. Imagine for a second a complete internet blackout for a whole month – how would everyone be doing their daily chores? 

With high internet demand, internet service providers’ emergence has been phenomenal. From DSL to cable, and fiber to satellite, internet connections of all types are spread across the globe. When it comes to the United States, you can find a large number of service providers spread across the country. A few of them will be available in your area as well. Mind that, if you are going to get internet for the first time in the United States, you need to check the availability of service providers in your area by typing in the Zip Code. 

And after entering the Zip Code, if you get to know that Spectrum and Cox are available in your area, bear in mind, you are not less than lucky. 

Both of these internet service providers have a good reputation among customers due to uninterrupted, high-speed, and stable internet connection. But the problem comes when you have to pick one to get value for money. Don’t worry, this post is all about Spectrum Vs Cox Internet plans, pricing, features, benefits, pros and cons, availability, and more. After reading this post, you will not be asking questions like “Is Spectrum better than Cox” or vice versa.

Let’s dive straight into it. 

Spectrum Vs Cox Internet Plans and Pricing Overview

spectrum vs cox - internet plan and pricing

Spectrum Internet Plans and Pricing 

Spectrum Internet PlansSpectrum Internet Price for the First 12 MonthsSpectrum Internet Price After 12 MonthsSpectrum Internet Download SpeedSpectrum Internet Upload SpeedSpectrum Internet Data Cap
Spectrum Internet $49.99 per month$79.99/moUp to 300Mbps10MbpsUnlimited
Spectrum Internet Ultra$69.99 per month$99.99/moUp to 500Mbps20MbpsUnlimited
Spectrum Internet Gig$89.99 per month$119.99/moUp to 1000Mbps35MbpsUnlimited

Spectrum Internet is highly popular among residents of the United States due to a number of reasons. The service provider is offering coverage in 41 states across the United States with speeds starting from 300Mbps way up to 1,000Mbps. By the way, Spectrum Internet plans comprise three packages namely Spectrum Internet (300Mbps), Spectrum Internet Ultra (500Mbps), and Spectrum Internet Gig (1,000Mbps). 

With no contract obligation, no data limits, and a free modem, Spectrum Internet is worth paying every penny, no matter what plan you choose. When it comes to price, Spectrum Internet starting plan starts from $49.99 per month for 12 months with an upload speed of 10Mbps. While Spectrum internet ultra and Spectrum internet gig plan cost $69.99 with an upload speed of 20Mbps and $89.99 with an upload speed of 35Mbps. All the prices are for the first 12 months and will be increased thereafter.  

We will discuss other things about Spectrum Internet later. Before that, it’s time to have an overview of Cox internet plan and pricing.

Cox Internet Plans and Pricing 

Cox Internet PlansCox Internet Download Speed Cox Internet Upload SpeedCox Internet Price for Promotional Period with ContractCox Internet Price After Promotional PeriodData Cap
Internet Essential 100100Mbps5Mbps$49.99/mo (Without Contract)$49.99 per month1.28 TB
Internet Preferred 250250Mbps10Mbps$49.99/mo$59.99 per month1.28TB
Internet Ultimate 500500Mbps10Mbps$69.99/mo$79.99 per month1.28 TB
Gigablast1,000Mbps35Mbps$99.99/mo$109.99 per month1.28 TB

Compared to Spectrum Internet plans, Cox is offering more options to suit everyone’s needs. But if you look at the table you will come to know that most of Cox Internet plans are priced more than that of Spectrum Internet plans. For instance, Spectrum’s basic internet plan costs $79.99 per month after 12 months with a download speed of up to 300Mbps. While Cox’s Internet Essential and Internet Preferred cost $49.99 per month and $59.99 per month respectively. And both of the plans are offering way lesser speed than Spectrum Internet plan (300Mbps). 

However, Internet Ultimate 500 and Gigablast plans are less costlier than Spectrum, but with data limits of up to 1.25Tb. So if you are a normal internet user who needs internet just for browsing websites, socializing with friends, and checking emails, Cox’s Internet Essential and Internet Preferred are good to go, but looking at Spectrum Internet plan offering 300Mbps for just $79.99/mo after promo period, without contract and data limits adds more value to the price.

Spectrum VS Cox Internet Plans and Pricing Winner: Spectrum 

Cox Vs Spectrum Internet Availability  

cox vs spectrum internet availability

Spectrum Internet Availability by Address and Coverage 

Spectrum is one of the leading cable internet companies offering coverage in urban and suburban areas. With coverage in 41 states across the United States, it is the second largest internet provider. After merging with Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable in 2016, the provider has expanded its footprints in almost 82% of the country, making it the second-largest service provider. Check Spectrum availability by Zip Code to get a better idea. However, for an overview, you can check the Spectrum internet coverage areas by state. 

Spectrum Internet Coverage Areas 

CaliforniaLouisiana New HampshireVermont
ColoradoMaineNew JerseyVirginia
ConnecticutMarylandNew MexicoWashington
FloridaMassachusettsNew YorkWest Virginia
GeorgiaMichiganNorth CarolinaWisconsin
South Carolina

Cox Internet Availability by Address and Coverage 

cox internet availability by address and coverage

In terms of coverage and availability, Cox is offering services in 19 states such as Nevada, Rhode Island, and Arizona. Compared to Spectrum, Cox is offering just near to half of Spectrum’s overall survivability. However, to your surprise, it is still the third-largest internet service provider in the United States. The service is being used by nearly 23.3 million people across the country. Phoenix and Las Vegas are the largest cities where you can benefit from high-speed internet from Cox. 

Cox is also expanding its fiber internet coverage in limited areas, which is a great initiative. Click here to find Cox availability by Zip Code in your area. For Cox coverage and serviceability areas, refer to the tablet below. 

Chandler, AZTulsa, OKPensacola, FLBaton Rouge, LA
San Diego, CAVirginia Beach, VALas Vegas, NVPhoenix, AZ
Henderson, NVScottsdale, AZNew Orleans, LAIrvine, CA
Oklahoma City, OKTucson, AZWichita, KSAlexandria, VA
Glendale, AZOmaha, NECleveland, OHMesa, AZ

In terms of coverage and availability, Spectrum is way ahead of Cox and cannot be beaten sooner or later. 

Spectrum VS Cox Internet Availability and Coverage Winner: Spectrum 

Spectrum Vs Cox Internet Installation and Other Charges 

Spectrum Installation and Other Charges 

Spectrum WiFi (not for Gig Plan)$5 per month
Pro Installation$59.99 
Self Install and Service Activation$24.99
WiFi Pod Installation$49.99
Service Activation Fee$9.99
Late Payment Fee (Applicable after 21 Days)$8.95
Insufficient Fee$25
Phone Payment Processing Fee$5
Reconnection Fee Internet$9.99
Reconnection Fee TV$4.99
Equipment Upgrade Fee to Internet Gig Plan$19.99

Cox Installation and Other Charges

Gateway$13 per month
Pro Installation$100
Self Installation Free
Late Fee Payment$25
Early Termination Fee$10 per month for the remaining period

A whooping $100 installation charges by Cox is way more than one could afford. Moreover, Spectrum is offering free equipment and charges no early termination fees. 

Spectrum VS Cox Internet Installation and Other Charges Winner: Spectrum 

Spectrum Vs Cox Internet Data Allowance 

Spectrum Data Allowance 

When it comes to data allowance, everyone wants to set themselves free from any worries fo consuming all the data. And when it comes to Spectrum Internet customers, they are just lucky to have such a service provider in their area.
Spectrum offers unlimited data allowance on all of its internet plans and packages. Whether you choose the basic internet plan or Spectrum internet gig, data allowance is unlimited and you will not experience any speed throttle ever or pay more to buy data. 

Cox Data Allowance 

Cox internet plans do not have unlimited data allowances. That means at some point, your monthly data allowance will end up and speed will start to throttle. To get the speed back, either you have to pay extra charges or wait for the remaining days of the month till it recharges back. However, there is no need to worry because Cox data caps are not too low. Even if you are an extreme internet user, no need to worry about data ending up soon. Cox offers 1.28 TB of data per month. Even if you do heavy downloading, extreme gaming, or 4k streaming, you won’t be able to consume all of the data caps.

Even though Cox data allowance is sufficient for households, still Spectrum takes the lead by offering an unlimited data cap.

Spectrum VS Cox Internet Data Allowance Winner: Spectrum 

Spectrum Vs Cox Internet Savings and Discounts 

spectrum vs cox internet savings and discounts

Spectrum Internet Savings and Discounts 

Almost every internet provider offers some sort of discount and promotional offer for new customers. Mostly offer internet plans and packages at a reduced price. Spectrum is no different as it offers promo prices for the first 12 months on all of its internet plans and packages. 

However, there is a little more catch to it, if you are bored of the same old stuff by the internet service providers. Spectrum brings something different as always. 

With Spectrum One you can enjoy huge savings of as much as $400 for the first 12 months. Subscribe to any of the Spectrum internet plans and get a free unlimited mobile line along with free Advanced WiFi. That means you will only pay for the internet and the remaining two services will be free of charge. A good time to test Spectrum Mobile, its quality, and overall experience. Plus, get your hands on Spectrum Advanced WiFi offering premium security features, giving access to other devices, and limiting device access to get maximum bandwidth. 

Cox Internet Savings and Discounts 

When it comes to Cox Internet savings and discounts, it’s just an ordinary promo price for the first 12 months. Thereafter prices will increase and as mentioned earlier, Cox prices are way higher than Spectrum’s without giving anything in return. 

The picture is quite clear and you know who is the winner in the battle of savings and discounts. 

Spectrum VS Cox Internet Savings and Discounts Winner: Spectrum 

Spectrum Vs Cox Internet Customer Reviews

spectrum vs cox internet customer reviews

Spectrum Customer Reviews 

It is a known fact that cable internet providers are not in the good books of customers. Spectrum is not an exception and customers are often found complaining about poor customer support and service. However, Spectrum is still in a higher place as it ranked better than Cox in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Cox Customer Reviews

Cox is not as good as Spectrum in terms of customer reviews. The majority of customers are found complaining about price increases by Cox along with inconsistent speed and service. 

Spectrum Vs Cox Internet Customer Reviews Winner: Spectrum 

Spectrum Vs Cox Benefits and Features 

Spectrum Benefits and Features 

Spectrum Internet is loaded with a bunch of benefits and features that can be overwhelming for its rivals and pleasing for its customers. Here’s a brief overview of Spectrum benefits and features. 

Contract-Free Plans 

Internet service providers are trying to mint money in any possible manner from their customers. But Spectrum is not any ordinary provider looking forward to minting money from customers. With no contract obligations, you can cancel Spectrum’s subscription anytime without worrying about heavy termination fees. And on top of it, if you want to break the shackles of a contract plan with another service provider, Spectrum has got you covered with as much as $500 buyout contract. 

Free Modem and Security Suite 

Unlike other service providers, you don’t need to worry about paying a rental fee for the equipment every month. No matter, what plan you choose, you will get a free modem and a security suite without paying a dime. Spectrum does not want you to pay for the equipment and nor does it want any type of security vulnerabilities while browsing, streaming, socializing, gaming, or researching. 

Unlimited Data Caps 

With the growing demand for the internet in today’s digital world, unlimited data cap is the need of time. Very few internet providers offer unlimited data caps, and Spectrum is one of them. No matter, how much you use, or what type of activities you do, Spectrum unlimited data caps keep you worry and stress-free. 

Savings with Spectrum One 

It’s a blessing to live in Spectrum’s coverage area. You will be getting so much with Spectrum that is unimaginable with any service provider. For instance,  new Spectrum Internet customers can benefit from huge savings and discounts with Spectrum One. All you need to do is pay the price of the internet i.e. charged by Spectrum for the first 12 months and get free Advanced WiFi and Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Line. This could save you up to $400 and enjoy 5G nationwide coverage, Spectrum out-of-home WiFi, and much more. 

Spectrum Out of Home WiFi

Spectrum internet customers are facilitated with everything that could help them stay connected to the internet. For instance, Spectrum’s out-of-home WiFi allows customers to connect to secure WiFi out of home without being vulnerable to hackers and cyberattacks. Whether it be making a video call, buying a favorite gadget from an online store, or sending personal information, Spectrum Out of Home WiFi is much safer than public WiFi. 

Cox Features and Benefits 

More Plans to Choose From

Cox is the third largest service provider in the United States. Compared to Spectrum, Cox offers more plans at different prices. However, compared to Spectrum, the prices are much higher and the speed is much lower. 

Bundle with TV, Mobile, and Home Security 

Bundling is the best way to save some hard-earned money. That is why Cox offers a wide range of bundling options to facilitate its customers with diverse needs. You can bundle Cox Internet with TV to catch the latest movies, shows, sitcoms, news, sports, and much more. Moreover, there are other options to choose from to get maximum benefit while spending minimum. You can also go for a home phone along with internet and TV service. But before you go for it, make sure to do some calculations. 

Sufficient Data Caps 

Cox offers limited data caps to its customers. No matter, whether you go for the basic plan or the premium one, you will be given an equal amount of data cap to use. Whether you have connected multiple smart devices, streaming on 4K resolution, or downloading heavy files, Cox limited data caps will surely be enough for the whole month. 

Panoramic WiFi 

Panoramic WiFi by Cox allows you to experience maximum speed without any interruption. Some of the salient features of Cox’s Panoramic WiFi include:

  • Coverage throughout Your Home
  • Advanced Security Features to Deal with Cyberthreats and Vulnerabilities 
  • Enjoy Blazing Fast Internet without any Upgradation Fees
  • Seamless and Lag Free Gaming Experience 

Final Verdict 

The hunt for the best internet service provider is not an easy job. You have to sift through plenty of options to decide what suits you the best in terms of value and money. Cost and internet speed are the major factors in most cases when deciding the best one. 

However, there are plenty of other things to look for as well that matter the most such as data allowance, extra savings, coverage areas, equipment and installation fees, and much more. 

In this post, we have covered Spectrum Vs Cox Internet to give you an overview of pricing, plans, availability, contract obligations, and data limits. 

We have tried our best not to give a biased opinion of any of the service providers. The benefits and features of Spectrum Internet surpass Cox Internet due to many reasons. Now it is your turn to decide which one is available in your area and which option suits you the best. Make sure to analyze carefully before taking any decision or taking our opinion as the final decision. 

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