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Unlocking the Scope of Xfinity Service Coverage: Your Ultimate Guide

Xfinity is one of the biggest cable internet providers in the United States. Since its inception in 2010, Xfinity has expanded its coverage gradually, and at present, offers its services in 36 states across the United States. Over 32 million customers in the country have benefited from its services as of 2023. 

In most areas, the Xfinity internet service is provided over a hybrid fiber-coaxial network, which serves fast speeds and good bandwidth sufficient for most regular internet users. However, in select areas, customers can also benefit from a pure fiber optic network with faster and symmetrical download and upload speeds. 

Apart from providing high-speed internet services, Xfinity also offers cable TV to its customers with an extensive channel lineup of 185+ networks. In addition, phone service is offered by Xfinity available as a standalone and part of a bundle plan. 

The Xfinity service coverage is quite extensive when compared to other providers in the industry. The network coverage of any service provider determines the speed and performance of the internet. That is why Xfinity Internet delivers optimal speed and seamless experience without connectivity issues. 

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • Xfinity State Wise Reach
  • Xfinity Residential Services
  • Xfinity Business Services 
  • Xfinity Mobile Services 
  • Xfinity Customer Services
  • Xfinity Plans, Contracts, and Pricing Terms and Conditions
  • How to Maximize Xfinity Services
  • Unbiased Opinion about Internet Services in the United States
  • Conclusion

Upcoming: In the next section, we will discuss Xfinity Coverage by State Map, Address, and Zip Code. Also, if you are wondering if “Xfinity Internet, TV, and bundle deals are available in my area”, we have got you covered!

Xfinity Service Coverage in My Area?

If you are looking for the answer to “Is Xfinity available in my area”, it is as simple as entering your address. Check Xfinity availability by address and see what internet, TV, and phone plans are available in your area. 

Xfinity Internet Availability in My Area 

Xfinity Internet availability in your area may differ from one region to another region. But rest assured, the Xfinity residential internet plans start from 75Mbps way up to 1.2Gbps in most areas. It is one of the fastest download speeds offered by a cable internet provider in the U.S. In addition, Xfinity 10G has recently launched – with the provider upgrading its network so it can support speeds up to 10 Gbps powered by pure fiber optic internet in select areas as of now, but with hopes to expand over time.

Xfinity TV Availability in My Area

Just like any other cable internet company, Xfinity TV services are something to look forward to. Xfinity TV plans offer more than 185 HD channels comprising sports networks, entertainment, kids channels, movies, and many more. Xfinity TV plans also include a large on-demand library. The Xfinity Stream App can be downloaded on any device and allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows no matter where you are. 

Xfinity Bundle Deals Availability in My Area

Xfinity Bundle Deals availability in your area may differ. It combines everything from high-speed internet to TV services with a huge channel lineup and unlimited mobile line. Choose from a selection of Xfinity bundle deals and you can save your hard-earned money. 

So that’s what Xfinity is offering to its valued customers depending on the area they live. If you are not sure what Xfinity bundle deals and packages are available in your area, you can simply refer to the table below, click on the state you are living in, and check Xfinity’s internet availability by address. 

Explore Xfinity coverage by State and City by referring to the table below. 

Xfinity Availability and Coverage by State 

AlabamaGeorgia Michigan South Carolina
Arkansas IllinoisMinnesotaTennessee
Arizona IndianaMissouriTexas
CaliforniaKansas Mississippi Utah
ColoradoKentucky New HampshireVirginia
Connecticut LouisianaNew JerseyVermont
District Of Columbia Massachusetts New Mexico Washington
Delaware Maryland OregonWest Virginia

Xfinity Internet, TV, and Phone Availability by City

Atlanta, GAChicago, ILDenver, CONashville, TN
Boston, MADetroit, MI
Hartford, CT
Philadelphia, PA
Houston, TXIndianapolis, INMiami, FLSan Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA

Percentage of Xfinity Coverage and Availability by State 

State Xfinity Coverage by Percentage State Xfinity Coverage by Percentage 
Florida52.42%South Carolina55.66%
North Carolina45.87%Nevada18.92%

What’s Coming Next: Xfinity residential internet services that offer small, medium, and large households with whooping speed internet plans. Let’s explore it. 

Xfinity Residential Internet Plans Overview 

Xfinity Residential Internet Plans are catered to meet the needs of households of different sizes. Unlike most other internet service providers, Xfinity internet plans for residents offer a wide range of choices to pick from. 

For instance, a small household requiring a decent internet speed to watch YouTube videos, stream Netflix originals, socialize with friends, and browse casually would require not more than 50Mbps-100Mbps. That’s where the Xfinity Residential Internet plan helps households to get the starter plan of 75Mbps which costs under $20 per month in most areas. 

However, the offerings are not just for small households, but also for big households with heavy streamers, hardcore gamers, work-from-home nomads, and video content creators. The Xfinity residential internet plans can start from 75Mbps and go all the way up to 1200Mbps, the higher end of the spectrum fitting better for heavier internet use. To get a better overview, refer to the table below comprising Xfinity Internet Plans Speeds.

Xfinity Internet Plans Speeds and Pricing in My Area

Xfinity Internet PlanXfinity Internet Plans PricingXfinity Internet Plans Download SpeedsXfinity Internet Plans Upload Speeds
Connect$19.99/mo. – $20.00/mo.75 Mbps5 Mbps
Connect More$30.00/mo. – $35.00/mo.200 Mbps5 Mbps
Fast$50.00–$60.00/mo.400 Mbps5 Mbps
Superfast$60.00–$70.00/mo.800 Mbps10 Mbps
Gigabit$65.00–$80.00/mo.1,000 Mbps15 Mbps
Gigabit Extra$70.00–$85.00/mo.1,200 Mbps35 Mbps

*Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Best Ways to Upgrade Your Xfinity Internet Plan

Internet without goodies isn’t a fair deal for many Internet users. That is why most internet service providers attract internet users by offering a bunch of goodies for free or discounted prices. Xfinity also brings a lot of add-ons for its valued customers to help them feel valued and stay for a longer period. For instance, with Xfinity, you get to enjoy FREE access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots all across the country and enjoy unlimited entertainment with the Xumo Stream Box from Xfinity. 

Here are some of the best Xfinity Internet add-ons that you can use to upgrade your Xfinity Internet experience. 

  1. xFi Complete 

xFi Complete add-on by Xfinity is a great deal for internet users and costs just about $20 per month. xFi Complete contains a bundle of services all packed in one. If you subscribe to xFi Complete, you will get an xFi Gateway, advanced security, unlimited data (only if you have enrolled in a 1.2Tb data plan), xFi pods, and much more.

The entire Xfinity xFi Complete setup. Includes the xFi Gateway, a Wi-Fi Boost Pods if required and the app to control it all - Among other things.

Features and Benefits of xFi Complete

If you are still wondering what xFi complete is all about, here’s everything you need to know about its features. Let’s explore.

  1. xFi Gateway 

If you sign up for xFi Complete, you will get a router from the service provider called the xFi  Gateway. This modem-cum-router device offers uninterrupted and speedy internet. Moreover, as a subscriber of xFi Complete, you will also receive a free upgrade on xFi Gateway every three years, which ensures that your service keeps running smoothly. However, if you wish to buy your own, you can go for it as it is a more pocket-friendly option, but then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the perks that come with this service as listed below. 

  1. Top Notch Security 

Internet users are always at risk of being attacked by intruders. From leaking privacy to revealing credit card numbers, there are many security threats around the clock if appropriate security measures are not taken. 

Rest assured, however, that upgrading to xFi Complete will add extra layers of security to your service to help you stay protected over the internet and prevent any data and privacy leakages. 

  1. Unlimited Data Allowance 

Subscribing to xFi Complete isn’t short of features and benefits. Xfinity internet plans come with a 1.2 TB data cap, which is usually quite sufficient for most regular internet users. But some users who are serious gamers and heavy streamers might find it insufficient. Subscribing to xFi Complete will add infinite data to your Xfinity internet plan, which is particularly helpful for people with greater use such as gamers and streamers. 

  1. xFi Pods 

Living in a big house comes with a lot of problems such as WiFi dead spots at certain areas within your home. But xFi Pods act as a WiFi extender to eliminate dead spots and boost signals throughout your house without extra effort. When you sign up for Xfinity xFi Complete, you get FREE access to xFi Boost Pods should your house need it. 

  1. User Profile Access

The xFi offers its subscribers access to user profiles so they can customize their experience. This helps in improving internet connection and the number of devices/people using the network. Moreover, it also comes with a scheduling feature that helps keep people away from using the network at certain times as well as disconnecting devices if there are too many on the network. These features come in handy when the internet speed is slow. 

2. Xfinity Home 

Xfinity Home is another add-on you can bundle up with Xfinity Residential Internet. It includes everything you need to secure your home and your loved ones through self and professional monitoring, state-of-the-art security equipment, and advanced technology. Xfinity Home offers various options depending on the service you subscribe to. You will get the following equipment if you subscribe to Xfinity Home:

  • Cameras
  • Touchscreen Control Pad 
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Motion Detector
  • Door and Windows Sensors
Different Xfinity Home Plans that you can choose from.

Features and Benefits of Xfinity Home

Here is the summary of Xfinity Home features and benefits.

  1. Flexible Payment Plans

The flexible payment plans make it easy for people to afford and get the Xfinity Home system installed. You can either make a full one-time upfront payment or break it down to monthly payments and pay it over a period of 24 to 36 months depending on your contract. 

  1. 24/7 Monitoring

Xfinity Home has got you covered with 24/7 professional monitoring that would cost you as low as $35 per month. In case your home is disrupted by intruders, Xfinity will reach out to relevant authorities on your behalf to take care of the rest. There is also a cheaper option for self monitoring for those who just want a system to keep on eye on the house on their own. 

  1. Professional and DIY Installation

You have the option to choose when it comes to the installation of Xfinity Home. Professional installation costs you around $100, depending on where you live. If you go for DIY installation, you can save some money, but you may need to invest some time to install. Rest assured, you will get a complete installation kit along with a user manual to get it done without paying hefty fees. 

  1. Integrate other IoT Devices  

Xfinity Home can be integrated with other IoT devices including August Smart Locks, ecobee, smart thermostats, lights, smart plugs, and many more. Create an ecosystem at your home with Xfinity Home and other IoT devices to build your dream smart home keeping everything on your network safe and secure. 

  1. Voice Control with X1 

Xfinity Home is not compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, but it is still possible to control it through voice. All you need to do is get a subscription to the X1. Moreover, you can watch your security cameras on your television, which makes it even easier to monitor your home. 

3. Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Add-ons also include Xfinity Mobile which allows you to connect to high-speed internet via a 5G cellular network backed by Verizon. You can also gain access to Xfinity Mobile Hotspots nationwide to connect your device seamlessly to the internet and keep yourself connected to the world. The Xfinity Mobile plans vary quite a bit depending on the number of mobile lines you get but you do get a discount when you bundle with Xfinity Internet so that is something to look forward to. 

Features and Benefits of Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is exclusively available for Xfinity internet customers. Some of the notable features and benefits include

  1. Flexible Plans 

Xfinity Mobile offers flexible plans that allow you to pick according to your budget. For instance, Xfinity Mobile By the Gig Plan offers 1GB of data for the price of $15 per month. If you have consumed the data and need some more, you need to pay an additional $15. 

However, internet users who require more data can opt for unlimited data which can save you some bucks. For instance, you can get 30GB of data for the price of $40 per line for at least 2 lines whereas 20GB of data costs you only $30 per line for 2 lines. You can also switch your plan during the middle of your monthly billing cycle if you feel the need to do so.

  1. Xfinity Mobile Speed 

Xfinity Mobile offers 5G network coverage to its customers nationwide. In areas where a 5G network is available, you will experience the 5G experience with greater speeds and faster connectivity. However, when it comes to areas where 5G coverage is not available, expect the 4G network experience in those areas. 

  1. Access Mobile Hotspot Nationwide 

Having a subscription to Xfinity Mobile will allow you to access mobile hotspots without any additional charges. It is quite helpful for freelancers and remote workers who want access to the internet at places where no WiFi is available. You can access Xfinity Hotspot using your mobile and check emails on the go, stream videos, and browse the web. If you choose Unlimited or Unlimited Plus, you will get speed much higher than the lower tier. However, this is a perk that you can also enjoy as an Xfinity internet customer so there is that too. 

  1. Bring Your Own Device

Whether you love using an Android device or have recently purchased the latest iPhone, you can always bring your device to the Xfinity network and start using it. If you want to purchase a new device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, Xfinity Store has got you covered, and you might even be eligible for exclusive discounts on trade-ins when you activate your Xfinity Mobile service. 

  1. No Contract Obligation

Another benefit of the Xfinity Mobile plan is that you can cancel it within 30 days of your next billing cycle. You only need to pay on a month-to-month basis and the remaining device payments if any. Whereas if you return the device and cancel the plan, you will get a full refund excluding the restocking fees of $35. 

Upcoming: In the next section, we will discuss Xfinity Comcast Business Internet Plans and the features of Xfinity Business Internet Plans. 

Comcast Business Internet Overview

Xfinity is owned by Comcast, which is why sometimes the services are sold under the name Xfinity and at times with Comcast. We are using Comcast Business Internet to cover this section, as the official website of Xfinity markets it with the same name. 

Comcast business internet plans are catered to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The new customers however will get a signup bonus and perks that are truly jaw-dropping. Make sure to get them now before it is too late. 

For instance, with Comcast Business Internet plans above 200Mbps bundled with a voice line, you can get a Visa prepaid card for up to $1000. 

Whereas if you subscribe to Comcast Business Internet plans above 100Mbps, you can get a you save $20/mo. For 12 months when you add a mobile line. 

Apart from that you can also avoid hefty installation charges if you order online above 100Mbps. And to contribute towards a green environment, you can get an additional $10 per month for opting for Paperless Billing and Auto Pay. 

Comcast Business Internet Plans, Speeds, Pricing, & Upload Speeds

Comcast Business Internet PlanComcast Business Internet PricingComcast Business Internet Download SpeedsComcast Business Internet Upload SpeedsBest for
Business Internet Essential$49.99/mo*Up to 50MbpsUp to 15Mbps1-2 Employees
Business Internet Performance$119.99/mo*Up to 250MbpsUp to 25Mbps3-5 Employees
Business Internet Premium$249.99/mo*Up to 750MbpsUp to 35Mbps11–20 Employees

*for 12 months with 2-year agreement when you enroll in Auto Pay and Paperless Billing. Plans and prices vary by geographic region.

Features of Comcast Business Internet

The features of Comcast Business Internet are different from those of Xfinity residential internet plans. The Comcast Internet Plans, Pricing, Speeds, and Features are tailored to meet specific business needs that are surely different from those of household needs. So what are notable features of Comcast Business Internet that come with higher prices and better speeds? Here’s what you need to know. 

  1. Optimal Cybersecurity with Comcast SecurityEdge 

Did you know the impact of a data breach can cause losses of as much as millions and sometimes trillions of dollars? According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, it costs $3.31 million to an organization with fewer than 500 employees, which on average per breach costs $164.

Whether it be running a small digital agency, an e-commerce store, or a big enterprise, having security protection is a must for every organization. With Comcast’s SecurityEdge you are covered across all your devices. Stop phishing attempts, malware, and bot activities while connected to a high-speed Comcast internet at your workplace. 

The SecurityEdge allows you to stop breaches with global threat intelligence after refreshing every 5 minutes. Monitor all the activities through a single dashboard using a single app, set web filters, manage network access, schedule reports, and block malicious pages. 

  1. Stay Connected Even During Electric Outages  

Outages can cause loss of thousands of dollars to businesses. Online businesses can’t afford to have any electric or internet outages. That is why Comcast Business Internet provides a powerful backup of 16 hours with a powerful 4G LTE backup. Operate your business smoothly and without interruption with Comcast 4G LTE backup to avoid hefty losses. 

  1. Create a Separate Network for Guests with WiFi Pro 

Want to give access to high-speed internet to your business guests, vendors, and customers? Create a separate network for guests with the Comcast WiFi Pro feature. Manage your network easily with one tap anywhere from your mobile device. 

You can schedule, control access, set bandwidth, and create custom names to let customers, guests, and vendors enjoy seamless internet. This helps create a secure and private internet for everyone who comes to visit your office without jeopardizing security. 

  1. Nationwide WiFi Hotspots for Easy Access Outside Office

Comcast Business Internet is all about keeping you connected whether in the office or outside. Have secure and uninterrupted access to the internet while on the go with Nationwide WiFi hotspots to carry out business operations such as checking emails, attending video calls, and sending important files to vendors and customers.

  1. Strict Surveillance with Smart Office Products 

Your business is vulnerable to security threats and cyberattacks. Maintaining optimal level security is a must for every business whether it be in the form of cybersecurity or physical security. 

With Comcast Smart Office Video Monitoring, you can add a 1080p HD surveillance camera across the premises to keep check on employees, assets, and customers. The Motion detection with Smart Office Video Monitoring helps you updated on who is coming in or out of the premises.

Upcoming: A deep dive into Xfinity Mobile services, benefits of bundling, and features.

Comcast Business Mobile Overview 

Comcast Business Mobile is exclusively available for Comcast business internet customers. Plenty of savings and benefits you could receive with mobile business plans that offer access to a 5G and 4G LTE network throughout the United States. Switch to Comcast Business Mobile and save up to 75% per annum. 

Comcast Business Mobile offers flexible plans for its business internet users, which we will discuss later. First, take a look at notable features of Comcast Business Mobile that are beneficial for you and your workforce. 

  • For $30 per month for 2 Lines Save and Get Unlimited Access to a 5G Network
  • Seamless 5G Connectivity and Access to Millions of Hotspots Nationwide without any extra cost
  • Switch Comcast Business Mobile plans anytime from Unlimited to By the Gig and vice versa, whatever feels convenient

Comcast Business Mobile Plans and Pricing 

As we have mentioned earlier, Comcast Business Mobile offers flexible plans to choose whatever suits your budget. 

You can choose one of the following Comcast Business Mobile Plans. 

  • Unlimited Data Option
  • By the Gig Plan 

Let’s breakdown both of these plans separately to give a clear overview of Comcast Business Mobile Unlimited Data Option and Comcast Business Mobile By the Gig Plan 

Comcast Mobile Internet Unlimited Plans and Pricing

Comcast Business Mobile Unlimited Intro PricingComcast Business Mobile Unlimited Plus PricingComcast Business Mobile Unlimited Premium Pricing
$45/mofor the first line$55/mofor the first line$65/mofor the first line
$30/mo per line
For 2 lines
$40/mo per line
For 2 lines
$50/mo per lineFor 2 lines

What’s Included in Comcast Mobile Unlimited Data?

  1. More Lines, More Savings  

Comcast Business Mobile lines include unlimited data plan that can be used on mobile or tablet. The more the lines, the greater the savings. For instance, for any additional mobile line, you will need to pay an additional $10, no matter what data option you subscribe to. 

  1. 4G LTE and 5G Coverage 

Comcast Business Mobile offers 4G LTE and 5G coverage nationwide including personal hotspots to access high-speed internet where WiFi is unavailable. 

  1. 5G Enabled Devices Give Faster Speeds

If you have a 5G-enabled Comcast Business Mobile device that is connected to 5G, other devices connected to personal hotspots will also experience faster download speeds. 

  1. Experience High-Quality Video Streaming

Unlimited data plan also allows you to experience standard definition LTE Streaming. Whereas Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium allow you to stream in HD (720p). Connecting to 5G will let you stream videos in the highest possible video resolution. 

Comcast Mobile by the Gig Data Plan

Comcast Mobile By the Gig Data Plan offers flexibility to choose smaller data plans depending on what suits your monthly budget. Pay as much as you use the data and avoid paying extra. Refer to the table below to explore Comcast Mobile By the Gig Data Plan and Pricing. 

Xfinity Mobile Data PlanPrice
1 GB$15 per month
3 GB$30 per month
10 GB$60 per month
20 GB$120 per month
50 GB$300 per month
100 GB$500 per month

What’s Included in Comcast Mobile By the Gig Data Plan?

  1. Share Data on Devices for an Additional $10 per Month Per Device 

If you subscribe to Comcast Mobile By the Gig Data Plan, you can share data on your phone and tablet. However, for an additional device, you need to pay $10 per month regardless of what data plan you have selected. 

  1. Get Access to 4G LTE and 5G Access

Comcast Business Mobile includes 4G LTE and 5G coverage to allow you to watch high-definition videos and access personal hotspots where WiFi is not available. 

  1. Optimal Cellular Service All the Time

At times of high network traffic, you don’t need to worry about the quality of cellular service. Stay worry-free and do whatever you want without compromising on services. 

Upcoming: How’s Xfinity customer service compared to other service providers? Let’s find out. 

Comcast Xfinity Customer Service 

Customer service is the core of any service provider. Comcast Xfinity is one of the top internet service providers in the United States with satisfactory customer service to serve its valued customers regarding billing, plans, pricing, outages, and troubleshooting. 

Image by <a href="">Freepik</a>
Xfinity service coverage is wide and customer service is quite decent!

Unlike other cable internet providers, Xfinity’s customer service is somehow satisfactory. Here’s a look at how Xfinity customer service is rated by ACSI, ZDNet, and others. 

  • The overall customer satisfaction rating according to is 3.75/5.0 as of 2023. 
  • In 2020, the Xfinity customer service rating stood at 66 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which is above the average of 65 compared to other ISPs
  • According to a U.S Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction, Xfinity scored 709/ Whereas AT&T scored 729. 

How to Contact Xfinity Customer Service?

There are several ways to contact Xfinity Customer Service. Whether it be finding Xfinity internet services near your area or managing bills and scheduling payments, check the links below to get support and access other useful resources. 

You can also dial Xfinity customer service phone number 1-800-Xfinity (1-800-934-6489) for additional help.

Xfinity Customer Service Hours 

Xfinity Customer Service Hours are from Monday to Saturday (7 a.m to 9 p.m)

Xfinity Bill Pay by Phone 

(800) 934-6489 (800-Xfinity)  EST

Xfinity Mobile Customer Service Number

(888) 936-4968 EST

Xfinity Business Customer Service

(800) 391-3000 EST

Transferring Xfinity Service to New Home Phone

(844) 551-1950

Xfinity Terms and Conditions 

Whatever internet service provider you choose, you have to be well-informed about contracts, equipment, hidden fees, and other obligations. The same applies to Xfinity Internet, which is attached to many strings. Here’s everything you need to know about Xfinity’s terms and conditions. 

Xfinity Contractual Obligation 

Xfinity contractual obligations vary from one region to another. In some areas, you may need to sign a 2-year contract to avail the low promotional price. However, for the most part, Xfinity is quite flexible when it comes to term agreements and almost everyone can find a way out that works for them.

Xfinity Equipment Fees

If you rent the Xfinity xFi Gateway modem from the provider it is going to cost you an additional $15 per month. Undoubtedly the xFi Gateway modem is equipped with modern technology and state-of-the-art security, but can put a dent in your budget, especially if you have a tight one. If you want to avoid the monthly rental fee, it’s recommended to buy your own modem and router device.

If you upgrade the xFi gateway to xFi complete, it will add unlimited data and an xFi pod to cover dead spots in your house, however, it is more expensive than the Wi-Fi Gateway alone.  

Here’s a complete breakdown of equipment rental. 

DescriptionPrice Per Month
Xfinity xFi Gateway Rental $15 
xFi Complete $20
Total Cost of xFi Pod WiFi Extender
(only available for purchase)
$119 for One and $199 for Two

For a normal household, the rental cost is quite high and out of budget. You can surely search for Xfinity-compatible routers on Amazon to save per month cost in the long run and do not need any of the fancy features. 

Service fees

No matter, what Internet service provider is available in your area, you can’t avoid service fees. Here’s the breakdown of Xfinity Service Fees. 

Xfinity Professional Installation: Xfinity Professional installation costs up to $100, as a one-time fee and it may vary in some regions. 

Xfinity Self Installation Kit: If you can install the equipment all by yourself, the Xfinity Self Installation Kit will be sent within 3-5 days. The self-installation kit is free and you only have to pay $15 for the shipment. There is also a self-install Plus option if you are looking for a budget-friendly option with technical assistance that involves technicians handling wiring outside your home.

Early Termination Fees: Xfinity offers a 30-day money-back guarantee after subscribing to a 12-month plan. However, if you plan to opt out of the service after that, you will have to pay the fees for the remaining months. This is usually $10 for every month still left in your contract. Term agreements and contracts however can vary quite a bit from location to location.  

Upcoming: How can you get the most out of Xfinity services? Check it out in the next section.

How to Get the Best Xfinity Internet Deal?

Xfinity coverage area is almost found everywhere in the United States. However, due to vast coverage and a unique set of offerings, Xfinity internet plans and pricing vary from one region to another. 

How to get the most out of Xfinity internet services and save some bucks? Here’s all you need to know. 

  1. Try Bundling up Xfinity Internet 

The cable service providers in the United States offer bundling options to their subscribers. Xfinity is not an exception as it allows several bundling options. You can bundle your Xfinity internet with the following services to save money. 

  • Xfinity TV
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Xfinity Voice
  • Xfinity Home Security 

For instance, if you bundle Xfinity Internet with Xfinity TV, you can save much more rather than trying some other cable service provider. However, you may calculate the cost after bundling up and see how much savings you can make each month. 

  1. Avoid Terminating the Contract  

There are a handful of internet service providers offering contract-free internet plans to their customers. However, Xfinity is not one of them as it requires subscribers to sign a contract for 1-2 years. Terminating your Xfinity subscription before the contract ends may result in hefty cancellation fees. 

Avoid terminating the contract especially if you know you are not going to move out for the next 5 years. Even if you have to move out, there are chances that Xfinity internet service coverage may also be available at your new location. You can always move your Xfinity services by calling their customer support. 

  1. Understand Xfinity Pricing and Hikes 

Every internet service provider in the United States offers different pricing and plans for its customers. Some may offer promotional offers for new customers that look attractive. But digging deep down, it comes as a surprise to see a whooping price hike after a year or two. 

The same applies to Xfinity plans and packages. To get the most out of Xfinity services, make sure to look at Xfinity promo prices and hikes after one or two years. Evaluate your budget choose the Xfinity plan and package accordingly. 

  1. Talk to the Customer Representative 

One of the tricks to get the best Xfinity deal is to talk to the customer representative. Ask for any promos and new offers that you can benefit from. Before talking to a customer rep, make sure to do some research in your area and find other service providers offering the same plan at a much lower price. Negotiate with the customer representative and tell politely them that you are going to cancel the subscription. To retain you, the customer representative might offer you a discounted Xfinity plan – but this plan might not always work so its goof to have other internet options at hand. 

  1. Cancel the Plan 

Even after talking to the customer representative, if you fail to convince them to get a discount, you may ask to cancel the plan. Sometimes this trick works out well as they may offer you a discount to help you save some money each month. 

How to Optimize Internet Speed for Xfinity?

As a popular internet service provider in the United States Xfinity service coverage extends out to over 36 states. But that does not mean you may not face slow internet speed at times. Before calling the customer representative, it is better to take a look at your equipment, wires, and other settings to optimize internet speed. 

If you are unaware of how to optimize internet speed for your Xfinity service, just take a look at some of the tips that would help you out. 

  1. Restart Your Modem and Router

One of the easiest ways to optimize internet speed Xfinity is to restart your modem along with the router. The process is simple and fixes the issue immediately in most cases. Restarting your modem and router is done in the same way. Here’s how to restart your modem and router. 

  • Disconnect the power plug from the electrical outlet of both modem and router
  • Wait for at least half a minute before plugging back in
  • Insert the power plug again and wait for the LEDs to get stable
  • Once done, test the speed by browsing random websites, videos, or social websites

There is no need to worry if the internet speed is slow. Move on to the next step to optimize your internet speed Xfinity. 

  1. Set Password to Your Network 

You might be wondering how my internet working so slowly, even after subscribing to the plan that is enough for the household. However, it’s just the guy next door who is binge-watching TV series on Netflix on 4K resolution using your connection. 

You may have set up your WiFi and everything else perfectly. But there are chances you may not have set the password on your WiFi network. If you have not, it is time to set the password by logging into the admin panel of your router. You may refer to the manual that comes with your router/modem. 

  1. Internet Provider is Throttling Speed

Internet service providers can throttle your speed in the time when traffic congestion is too much. Another reason is that you may have exceeded your data limit. Although Xfinity offers 1.2 TB of data to internet users, the probability of exceeding the limit is still there for heavy users.

If you are a heavy internet user, you can purchase extra data. Moreover, during the time of network congestion, you can use a VPN. 

  1. Place Your Router in the Center of Your Home

Normally, internet users depend on a WiFi router to connect their devices wirelessly. Placing the router in a place where there are many obstacles can lead to internet lags. The best way to optimize internet speed is to place your WiFi router at a central location. 

Do not place the router in an enclosed space such as a cupboard or shelf. Moreover, avoid placing the router near the microwave and other radio-active appliances.

  1. Use Ethernet to Connect Directly 

Wireless connection is great, but if you are experiencing slow internet speed, connecting your device directly with Ethernet can resolve the problem. If you are a hardcore gamer, you may connect your gaming console or gaming PC directly through an Ethernet cable. Win the battle like never before and experience low to zero lags. 

  1. Disconnect Idle Devices 

If you want to optimize your internet speed, you need to disconnect idle devices. Normally households with a number of smart devices and users are connected to the same network. Even if the device is not being used, background apps may consume bandwidth. 

Disconnect all the devices to speed up the internet and experience the high-speed download you need. 

  1. Change WiFi Channel 

Changing the WiFi channel from a 2.4Ghz to a 5Ghz channel will allow you to optimize internet speed Xfinity. Switching the channels will result in less interference and more bandwidth. If you still experience slow-speed internet, you may ask someone in the vicinity to know what WiFi channel they are using. 

  1. Upgrade Your Modem and Router

In the current era, it is not possible to use the same technology for years. The same applies to the modem and router. Nowadays, you can find modems and routers online with advanced technology and security features. Make sure to upgrade your modem and router if they are 4-5 years old. The most recent protocol of WiFi is DOCSIS 4.0 which helps you stay connected to high-speed internet and enjoy streaming and gaming without buffering or lagging. 

  1. Install a WiFi Extender 

Living in a big house is a blessing, but you may experience dead signals in some of the areas. Instead of complaining or calling customer support, you may install a WiFi extender so that the signal reaches every part of the house. 

  1. Update Router Firmware 

If you are continuously experiencing slow internet, you may need to update your router firmware. It will not only optimize internet speed but also enhance the security you need to stay secure and protected from any cyberattacks. 

  1. Upgrade Your Plan

Another way to optimize the speed of the internet is to upgrade your existing plan. You may have subscribed to the plan that you may think serves you and your household without any hiccups. However, due to heavy internet usage and the number of gamers and streamers in your home, the plan may not be the best fit. Upgrading your plan and subscribing to a higher speed will surely make a difference. 

  1. Change Type of Internet Connection

Fiber optics is available in only limited parts of the United States. If you are lucky enough, make sure to opt for it. The price may be high, but you would never experience any lags, outages, or buffering issues. However, if you are living in an area, where plenty of internet service providers are available with different types of connections such as fiber, cable, DSL, or satellite, choose the one that suits your budget and speed requirements. 

Unbiased Opinion 

Internet service providers in the USA are serving households and businesses with various plans set at different prices. The more the coverage of an internet provider, the better it is. As we have seen in the case of Comcast Xfinity and Spectrum. However, there are several factors that also ensure the quality of internet service such as type of connection and download and upload speed. 

Internet service providers in the United States are just growing with each passing day. Those serving for the past several years are working on improving their quality of service by deploying the latest technology. Some of them are working on expanding their reach countrywide. 

Based on our experience, internet service providers in the United States need to work on these areas. 

  1. Customer Support and Service 

No matter how big or small the internet service provider is, one of the complaints often heard from customers is their customer service and support. At times when the internet is not working optimally or in case of any technical fault, the customer representatives often put the customers on hold for long. 

The long waiting time and poor customer service have become the norm for almost all service providers. However, very few of the ISPs have introduced other customer support channels such as email and live chat. Xfinity is one of them and as discussed earlier, the customer support and service are above average. 

  1. Hidden Fees and Other Costs

Internet service providers attract large number of customers by showing promo prices and plans. However, the hidden fees and other costs are mentioned in a disclaimer that often confuses customers. It is difficult for a new customer to understand the cost and hidden charges they have to bear in addition to the base price. Moreover, the surge in prices after a year or two is also a complete turnoff, especially if they have not gone through terms and conditions. 

  1. Varying Prices in Different Regions

Top and leading service providers like Comcast Xfinity offer various plans at different prices in different regions. It becomes challenging for existing customers to know exactly what they have to pay if they move to another region. Especially, those who have not gone through the process would find it difficult to analyze the monthly costs and budget.


That’s all for now as we have covered everything you need to know about Comcast Xfinity service coverage areas and plans. The Xfinity residential internet plans and prices along with add-ons and benefits are thoroughly discussed in this post. 

In addition, the Comcast Business Internet plans, prices, upload and download speeds, and features and benefits are also included in the post to make it easy for you to choose whatever suits your budget and requirements. 

You will also come to know all about hidden fees, contractual obligations, and other service charges. In case your internet is not working optimally, we have discussed tips on how to optimize your internet speed. 

Lastly, some of the recommendations are shared for the internet service providers that can provide ease to the customers whether it be calculating total cost per month or resolving issues and complaints. 

Is Comcast Xfinity Worth the Money?

In our opinion, Comcast Xfinity is worth every dime. As we can see the Xfinifty residential internet plans and coverage is far better than any other service provider in the United States. No matter whether you have to move to another location or want to stay for a longer period, Xfinity service coverage area in the United States is phenomenal.

It is also worth mentioning that Xfinity internet plans come in abundance, unlike Spectrum which offers only three plans. 

Whether you are a large household or a small one, you have plenty of options to choose from. Even if you choose the basic internet plan Xfinity, you will get enough speed to stream videos smoothly, play games without lag, and browse the internet without disruption. 

In addition, Xfinity Internet Add-ons can enhance your experience and improve security so that you can stay online without worrying about intruders.

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