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Spectrum Internet Speed Test: How to Check Internet Speed Free at Home

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection, you are not alone. As the modern-day demands high-speed uninterrupted internet, we cannot bear a bit of fluctuation. In fact, we are so used to reliable blazing fast uninterrupted internet, our daily routine has become dependent on it.

Activities like streaming, learning, gaming, video calling, working from home, and socializing with friends are now essential to the daily routine. 

It does not matter what internet service provider you have subscribed to, you will definitely face some type of slow-speed internet at some point. The same goes for Spectrum Internet customers who are not used to these types of problems as the service provider offers seamless, uninterrupted, and blazing-fast internet throughout the day. 

Before you start blaming your service provider, in this case, Spectrum, it is ideal to perform Spectrum Speed Test Ookla for a better overview. For instance, you might be getting full-speed internet from Spectrum as per advertised on their website. In this case, you need to check and resolve issues on your end. Here’s a complete guide on how to perform Spectrum internet speed test free and other details to help you get back your speed to normal. Let’s get started. 

How to Run/Check Spectrum Internet Speed Test Free at Home?

Spectrum Internet Speed Test

Facing slow internet speed at times depends on various factors such as peak time, number of devices connected, amount of bandwidth consumed, and much more. However, before passing any judgment about what factors are influencing Spectrum’s internet speed, you need to run an internet speed test for free. 

Internet speed tests should be performed at different times of the day. The reason is that there will be fluctuations in internet speeds throughout the day. At peak hours, the internet speed may slow down than the advertised speed. 

Make sure to note down the speeds at different times and if you think that an upgrade might help you deal with the speed issues, just try contacting Spectrum customer support. Here’s how to perform Spectrum internet speed test free. 

  • Click the link to run Ookla Speed Test Spectrum for free.
  • Click on Go to begin the Spectrum internet speed test.
  • Once you click the Go button, it will start performing a speed test 
  • Wait for a few seconds until the results are displayed in the form of Upload Speed and Download Speed. 

Free Spectrum Speed Test Tool

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How to Read Internet Speed Test Results?

Once you have performed the free internet speed test, a result will be shown after a few seconds. The results will show upload speed, download speed, and ping rate/latency. If you are not aware of how to read internet speed test results, here’s what you need to know about. 

Upload Speed 

Upload speed is the speed at which internet devices like laptops, smartphones, or tablets can send data such as files or information to somewhere else. Don’t worry, if the number looks too low because normally upload speeds are much lower than download speeds. 

For instance, Spectrum Internet Gig upload speed is only 35Mbps, while the download speed is a whopping 1000Mbps. But if you are a content creator or need to upload heavy files often, upload speed should be considered while subscribing to the Spectrum internet plan. 

Download Speed

As most internet users are content consumers and not creators, download speed is an important detail you need to know after performing a free Spectrum internet speed test Ookla. It is the speed that allows you to determine the rate of megabits of data per second it takes to download data from the server in the form of audio, video, file, or text. 

For instance, if you want to binge-watch seasons on Netflix,  listen to your favorite music on Spotify, or watch online classes on YouTube, all of these activities require you to download data. Internet service providers advertise download speeds on their websites, which may not match the exact advertised speed, but somewhat close to it. 

Ping/Latency Rate 

It is the time it takes for a packet to be sent from your device to another server or location and receive a response. The ideal latency or ping rate is equal to or less than 30ms. Normally, when it comes to gaming, ping/latency rate is a major factor contributing to smooth and seamless gaming. 

What City has the Fastest Internet in the US Spectrum?

Spectrum is one of the leading and top internet service providers in the United States with coverage in 41 states. Currently, Spectrum internet plans comprise three-speed tiers to facilitate internet users according to their requirements namely;

  1. Spectrum Internet
  2. Spectrum Internet Ultra 
  3. Spectrum Internet Gig 

All of these Spectrum Internet plans offer speeds as advertised on the website. However, in some areas, the Spectrum internet speed tests showed exceptionally well in some cities over others. Here’s a table for the fastest cities for Spectrum internet service. 

Spectrum Internet City Spectrum Internet Download Speed MaxUser Speed Test Mbps
Mauldin, SC1,000Mbps802Mbps
Gardena, CA1,000Mbps824Mbps
Garden Grove, CA1,000Mbps870Mbps
Venice, CA1,000Mbps883Mbps
Lattimore, NC1,000Mbps931Mbps

Top Performing Cities for Spectrum Internet Service 

CityMax Advertised Download SpeedUser Speed Test Mbps
Fort Worth, TX1,000Mbps227Mbps
Los Angeles, CA1,000Mbps312Mbps
Orlando, FL1,000Mbps314Mbps
San Antonio, TX1,000Mbps317Mbps
Charlotte, NC1,000Mbps329Mbps
Dallas, TX1,000Mbps345Mbps
Saint Louis, MO1,000Mbps348Mbps
Austin, TX1,000Mbps356Mbps
Columbus, OH1,000Mbps362Mbps
Brooklyn, NY1,000Mbps440Mbps

Spectrum Internet speeds above are based on thousands of user speed tests backed by M-Labs, a speed test database. 

The average speed tests are much lower than the advertised ones. As most internet users run speed tests to identify WiFi issues, it may show low speed in case the router is not working properly. So the real culprit behind slow internet speed is not due to the service provider, but because of faulty WiFi. If you want to replace your existing WiFi router with a new one, make sure to check what WiFi router does Spectrum Use?

If you are running a free Spectrum internet speed test Ookla, and getting speed below 10Mbps, reset your router once and run the speed test again. The most common internet issues Spectrum is caused by router or modem, rather than internet connection itself. 

How to Get Accurate Speed Test Results Spectrum?

Spectrum Internet Speed Test

If you have been an internet user for quite a long time, you might know how to check internet speed at home. But if not, you can check the free services like to check the upload and download speed provided by your ISP, 

However, don’t take it too seriously as the results are not too accurate. There are several factors that contribute to internet speed such as the number of devices connected, modem/router, wiring, and many more. Before you conduct speed test results Spectrum, make sure to perform these steps. 

Restart Your Router and Modem Before Performing the Speed Test

Before you perform a free internet speed test, it is advisable to restart your modem and router. This step will help you restart settings and help you perform an internet speed test better and more accurately. 

The modem and router are commonly used side b side to provide a high-speed internet connection. In some cases, a modem router combo is used to avoid any extra space or cost of buying. 

As you might have experienced with your computer and smartphones, restarting helps them to get back to normal in case they are acting weirdly. The same is the case when it comes to modems and routers. To restart your router and modem, either power off the switch on the back or pull out the electric supply from the socket. It will help you in providing more accurate internet speed test results Spectrum. 

Perform Internet Speed Test Alone 

If you are going to perform Spectrum internet speed test, make sure to only perform a speed test and avoid using the internet for any other activities like browsing, streaming, or gaming. And if you have multiple tabs opened on your browser, make sure to close them immediately to perform the test. 

Moreover, some of the background applications like music, streaming, and other apps should not run while performing a speed test. If you are using smart home devices at your home such as a security camera, doorbell, smart speakers, or any other smart device, make sure to disconnect it. 

In addition, don’t forget to check your mobile devices too as they come with the feature of connecting automatically to the wireless network within the range. The best idea is to switch to airplane mode while performing the free internet speed test Spectrum.

You can also use internet speed test apps for free to check the speed of your internet. But before running the speed test on your smartphone, make sure that all the background applications are closed and only the speed test app is opened. 

Restart Your Laptop or Smartphone Before Speed Test

As we have mentioned earlier, restarting your device will always do some good in terms of speed and performance. When it comes to internet speed testing, the same applies for your device. Just like you restarted your router and modem previously, you also need to restart your computer, smartphone, or laptop from which you want to test Spectrum internet speed test. By doing so, your internet speed test will be much more accurate and you will get a better idea about how your internet connection is performing. 

Remove Browser Cache for Best Internet Speed Test Results

You may have not touched your browser history or removed the cache in the past. Don’t worry, we will not ask you to remove history because some important websites are already synchronized on the device. But clearing the cache before Spectrum’s internet speed test is a must. 

The reason for clearing the cache is that speed tests normally work after downloading and uploading one or several files. 

If you want to test your internet speed several times at a given time, the rest results after performing the first test will be affected. It is because some of the files are already in the storage of your computer cache. Clearing the cache on your computer will allow you to test internet speed accurately. 

If you don’t want to clear the cache, don’t worry there is another way to do so. You can simply open your browser and open a private window or incognito window. This will allow you to speed test several times without storing any data, and in return give accurate results. 

Go for HTML5 Speed Test

Before performing the speed test Spectrum, make sure to test your bandwidth using an HTML5-based test instead of flash-based. For instance, and are two HTML5-based internet speed tests that are highly recommended for accurate results. In an observation, flash-based tests have to make as much as 40 percent adjustment. Make sure to try the HTM5-based speed test for more accurate results. 

Connect via Ethernet Cable

Normally WiFi is used in every home to allow internet connection on every device available. However, it is a common observation that there is a speed difference when it comes to wired connection versus wireless connection. For accurate results, it is preferred to connect your laptop or PC via an ethernet cable. In case, if there are any problems with your WiFI router, the speed test will allow you to identify them. 

Best Internet Speed Test Sites by Popular ISPs

best internet speed test sites
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Charter Speed TestComcast Speed TestConsolidated Communication
Cox Internet Speed TestFios Speed TestFrontier Speed Test
Google Fiber Speed TestGrande Communications Speed TestMidco Speed Test
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Sparklight Speed Test TDS Telecommunications Speed TestTelus Internet Speed Test
USI Wireless Speed TestWOW! Speed Test

Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Meteor by OpenSignalSpeedTest MasterSpeedtest by Ookla
Speed Test WiFi Analyzer by AnalitiFast by NetflixNetwork Speed Test by Microsoft

Why Spectrum Internet is Slow?

No matter, what internet service provider you go with, there are always some dark days when you face either slow internet or no internet. It could be possibly due to weather outages, faulty hardware, congested WiFi channels, excessive bandwidth usage, and many more. If you are still searching for the answer to why Spectrum Internet is slow, you can’t put the blame on the provider solely. There are several reasons your Spectrum internet is slow which we will discuss in this section. Before diving straight into why Spectrum Internet is slow, first take a quick overview of how to check Spectrum Internet speed. 

How to Check Spectrum Internet Speed? 

Firstly you need to visit the Spectrum speed test portal or any other tool such as Ookla internet speed test to check internet speed. Once you perform the test, compare the results with what’s being advertised by your service provider. 

  • Spectrum internet is slow if your upload and download speed is less than the advertised or normal speed. 
  • If the download speed is less, but the upload speed is normal, it might be due to hardware issues, bandwidth restriction, internet outage, and network congestion. 
  • In case your download speed is normal but your upload speed is much low, it means there is some sort of hardware issues. In this case, you can directly contact Spectrum customer support for technical assistance
  • If the ping rate is under or equal to 50ms, the speed will offer you seamless streaming and online gaming. However, if the ping rate ranges from 100-150ms, it can affect your connection. To reduce latency or ping rate, it is better to upgrade your Spectrum internet plan or connect your device through ethernet. 

Why is My Spectrum Internet So Slow and How to Fix it?

why is my spectrum internet so slow

Living in a digital age demands high-speed internet. Spectrum internet customers may also face this situation, which is normal and can be resolved with a few tweaks and hacks. Let’s find out how to fix Spectrum’s slow internet. 

Restart Your Modem and Router

Whenever you are facing slow Spectrum internet speed, you don’t need to pick up the phone and contact customer service. Rather try to take a few necessary steps that are much easier than waiting on hold. 

Make sure to restart your modem/router by disconnecting it from the power supply or turning the switch on/off. Wait for 30-60 seconds before plugging it back in. 

If you want to restart your router/modem through My Spectrum app, here are some of the steps to follow. 

  • Open the Spectrum app and click on the “Services” tab
  • Select “Internet” and choose equipment from the list
  • Now click on “Restart Equipment” and select restart

Your modem/router will reboot right from your smartphone without moving from your seat. 

Disconnect Unwanted and Unnecessary Devices 

Not all devices are being used all the time. Some of them are just connected to the WiFi network without any reason. But keep in mind that these devices are somehow consuming large amounts of bandwidth through background apps. 

If you are facing slow-speed Spectrum internet, make sure to disconnect all the devices that are in an idle state. This also includes smart home devices like smart speakers, smart doorbells, smart security cameras, and smartphones as well. 

You can simply disconnect those devices by disconnecting WiFi through settings on a particular device. Or you can go to the admin panel of router settings and check the list of connected devices. You can disconnect all the inactive devices or restrict them. Moreover, you can also change the settings of the internet from public to private so that no one can connect to it except you. You can create a guest network to allow temporary access to someone else. 

Connect Via Ethernet Cable 

If you are facing Spectrum slow internet at night or at any part of the day, you can simply turn off the WiFi connection and connect via the Ethernet cable. The reason is WiFi signal that may be interrupted due to several reasons such as obstacles of items, interference of signals through radiowaves, outdated firmware, or poor signals. But connecting your laptop or PC directly through an ethernet cable will surely bring back the speed to normal.  If the internet speed comes back to normal, you may need to check your WiFi’s firmware, replace it with a new one, or buy a WiFi extender in case of poor signals reach. 

Don’t Download at Peak Times 

One of the reasons for facing slow Spectrum internet speeds is the consumption of bandwidth due to heavy downloading and other activities such as streaming in 4K. You can schedule your heavy bandwidth tasks at night or early in the morning when the traffic congestion is low or zero.

If you are using a laptop or PC, you must restrict apps and software that consume high amounts of bandwidth such as torrents. Moreover, make sure to disable the auto updates option in the settings to avoid slow-speed internet. Another great way to utilize maximum bandwidth is to disable all the devices that are idle but connected to the WiFi network. This may help you to consume maximum internet speed. 

Check for Viruses 

Online world is full of vulnerabilities and threats. While browsing, downloading, or performing other activities, your device may get infected by dangerous viruses and malware without letting you know. These viruses and malware are the biggest culprits of slow Spectrum internet speed. Make sure to scan your devices regularly to avoid such situations. The majority of people complain about antivirus software that lowers the speed and performance of a PC or laptop. But why install software when you already have a built-in feature? Just go to the setting on Windows 10 and search for virus and threat protection. Select it and then click on scan for virus.

Reposition Your Router 

One of the reasons to face slow-speed internet Spectrum is the placement and position of your router. For instance, if any metallic object or appliance is in the way, it may hinder the transmission of signals or weaken them. 

Moreover, placing your router in a corner or enclosed in a closet would also lead to slow internet speed. For an ideal router position, make sure that it should be placed in an open space where there are no electrical appliances like a microwave oven. 

The place should also be free from any metallic objects. The router must be placed in a position where the signals can reach throughout the home without weakening them. However, if you are living in a big household, don’t forget to buy a WiFi extender to avoid dead spots and weak signals in some areas of the home. Also, try to place your router on a flat surface for better speeds. 

Turn off VPN 

Using a VPN connection is a safe and secure way to browse and do online activities. It helps protect your identity and keep you anonymous. But VPN is also a great disruptor of internet speed due to the ongoing encryption process. 

If you are experiencing slow internet speed at night or any part of the day, make sure to check whether the VPN connection is turned off or not. Once you turn off the VPN, you will find some improvement in the speed of Spectrum’s internet. 

Check Your Router’s Firmware 

When it comes to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, the updates are rolled out from time to time, which is also notified to the user. However, there are also updates rolled out on your router to enhance security and remove bugs or discrepancies that would lead to cyber threats. Make sure to check your router’s firmware from time to time. And if the updates are ready to install, make sure to do it immediately without any delay. 

  • To update your router’s firmware, simply go to the browser and type in the address bar. 
  • You will be redirected to the login page where you need to enter your username and password
  • After logging in, look for the Firmware option given under the settings tab and click Check now. 
  • If the update is available, simply follow the instructions

Is there Spectrum Outage in my Area?

If you are experiencing slow Spectrum internet speeds or no connection at all, you might need to check Spectrum internet outage in your area. Normally, Spectrum informs its customers prior to the maintenance work about scheduled downtime on the website or social media. If you want to know more details about the outage, check the link Is there a Spectrum WiFi outage in my area

Upgrade Your Spectrum Internet Plan 

Choosing the best Spectrum Internet plan is no less than a challenge. You have to analyze various aspects such as how many internet users are going to connect, what activities would be performed, and so much more. 

At times, the decision is spot on and you will never regret choosing the plan according to your requirements. However, sometimes in order to save some bucks, you might choose a plan that looks speedy enough to handle all your daily online activities.

But due to intensive internet usage and the number of users and devices, you might need to change your decision and upgrade to a higher plan. Specifically, if you are using multiple smart home devices and involved in high-intensive bandwidth activities such as downloading heavy files, torrenting, streaming on 4K resolution, or playing games. 

What Internet Plans Does Spectrum Offer?

Spectrum Plan Download Speed Upload SpeedPrice for First 12 MonthsPrice After 12 Months 
Spectrum Internet300Mbps10Mbps$49.99 per month for 12 months$79.99 per month
Spectrum Internet Ultra500Mbps20Mbps$69.99 per month for 12 Months$99.99 per month
Spectrum Internet Gig1,000Mbps35Mbps$119.99 per month for 12 months$119.99 per month

What Spectrum Internet Speed Do I Need?

What Spectrum Internet Speed Do I Need

What Spectrum internet speed do I need to perform daily online activities without slowing down the speed? The answer is, it mainly depends on your usage and the number of devices and users connected to the network. 

For instance, if you are using the internet only for browsing random websites like New York Times, checking email, and socializing on Instagram, you don’t need more than a 5Mbps connection. But as an avid internet user, no one relies solely on these activities. Here’s a table to help you find what Spectrum internet speed I need for the best experience. 

Number of UsersBrowsingMusic StreamingOnline GamingStreaming Video (SD)Streaming Video (HD)
4-6 10Mbps25Mbps100Mbps50Mbps100+Mbps

Summing Up

Internet being the livelihood for almost every one of us, compromising on speed is never an option. It becomes unbearable when the internet speed slows down and the ongoing activity comes to an end. It is specifically more embarrassing if you are on a video call with your clients or office peers. Even if you are in the middle of a highly intense gaming battle, you might lose a bet and face the most embarrassing situation in front of your friends. 

In this post, we have discussed everything you need to know about the Spectrum internet speed test. We have discussed some of the ways to run Spectrum internet speed tests for free at home. We have also clarified things to know after performing the speed test such as ping rate, upload speed, and download speed. 

In addition, you will also learn how to get accurate internet speed test results, what are the reasons behind slow internet Spectrum, and how to fix it. Hopefully, this post will help you in the coming years whenever you face a slow internet problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is a good speed test result for Spectrum Internet?

A. If you are looking for an ideal internet speed, it must have at least 25Mbps download speed and 3Mbps upload speed. However, when it comes to several users and multiple devices, it is better to choose the Spectrum internet plan that fulfills the requirement such as gaming, streaming, and downloading without compromising on speed

Q. Is the Spectrum speed test accurate?

A. Yes, Spectrum speed tests are accurate at times. But it is recommended to run multiple Spectrum speed tests to get a better idea about the average speed you are getting. 

Q. Why is my Spectrum Internet so slow but the speed test is fast?

A. Spectrum Internet shows normal speed when the speed test is conducted but actually the speed is slow. It might be due to the outdated firmware of your router or the placement of your router in an ideal position. The problem can also be fixed by restarting the modem/router, scanning for viruses, connecting via an ethernet cable, and connecting a WiFi extender for better signals. 

Q. Does Spectrum internet throttle?

A. Yes, Spectrum may throttle internet speed due to certain types of activities like streaming, downloading, or gaming. However, it may not throttle for less intense activities like browsing, emailing, or socializing. As Spectrum internet plans come with unlimited data caps, the likelihood of throttling internet speed is much lower. 

Q. Does Spectrum Internet have data caps?

A. No, Spectrum internet plans are free from data caps, which means you can freely browse the internet, stream TV-series, and play games without worrying about data limits 

Q. Does Spectrum internet have contracts?

A. No, Spectrum internet plans and other services are free from contractual obligations, which means you can cancel the services whenever you want without worrying about hefty cancellation fees. 

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