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Is Spectrum Internet good for streaming: Best live and movie streaming platforms for Spectrum Internet 

The Internet is not stopping anywhere and people are going crazy. A minute of disconnection means thousands of phone calls to the service provider’s customer support. And that is justified as most of the activities from socializing to gaming, and browsing to entertainment, everything is connected to the internet. 

The Internet has evolved so much that things that were considered part of our daily lives have gone obsolete. Just take the example of CDs, tape recorders, and Walkman. In fact, the internet has replaced many of the technologies that were part of our daily lives. 

In recent times, streaming platforms have gained popularity among binge-watchers, movie lovers, and budget-oriented consumers. The rise in cable monthly fees, hidden charges, and other restrictions have forced people to switch to cord-cutting for more savings and less hassle. 

One of the reasons cord-cutting has gained popularity is because of the availability of high-speed internet. Internet service providers are offering blazing-fast internet as high as 1,000Mbps or above. 

But not all of the internet connections are good for streaming. Some may not be able to handle high-resolution streaming like 4K while others might struggle with even low-quality resolution. As most of the blogs on are about Spectrum, so you may have an idea of what we will be talking about. We will be talking about, “is Spectrum internet good for streaming”? 

But before we answer the question, it is important to mention that we have already written a post for gamers i.e. “Is Spectrum Internet good for gaming”. If you are a gamer, make sure to go through this post. 

Now let’s move on to our main topic without further delay. 

Is Spectrum Internet Good for Streaming?

Shortly explaining, yes Spectrum Internet is good for streaming to keep you hooked to your favorite movies, binge-worthy TV series, and originals from streaming platforms like Netflix. Now deciding on what Spectrum internet plan is suitable for different households to offer seamless and smooth streaming. 

The answer is, you can choose any of the Spectrum internet plans to enjoy streaming and gaming without any glitches, buffering, or stuttering. However, make sure that more devices use more bandwidth – it is therefore recommended to go for higher plan. For instance, if you are having 8-10 members at home, all of them are addicted to streaming and gaming, the best plan to go for is Spectrum internet ultra. 

With unlimited data caps, you and your family members can enjoy streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and live channels without worrying about data caps. Even if all the members want no less than 4K resolution, Spectrum Internet is the best choice for streamers. 

Best Internet Speed for Streaming and Gaming

best internet speed for steaming and gaming

It is quite challenging to figure out what internet speed is right for what activity. For instance, browsing news and entertainment websites would not require as much internet speed as much it is needed for gaming and streaming. The internet speed needed to stream without buffering depends on the quality of the video and the type of content you are streaming. 

If you want to stream HD content without any lags or buffering issues, a 5Mbps connection will be sufficient. But mind that it is only for one device and if there are multiple devices, you need to consider higher speed. 

As you increase the quality and resolution of videos, you need to increase your internet speed as well. For instance, 4K streaming requires at least a 20Mbps to 25Mbps connection. Let’s take a look at the recommended speed for some of the biggest streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, and more. 

Recommended Internet Speed for Streaming Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+

Streaming AppRecommended Internet Speed 
DirecTV Stream8 Mbps
Netflix (SD)Netflix (HD)Netflix 4K3 Mbps5 Mbps25Mbps
Amazon Prime Video (SD)Amazon Prime Video (HD)8 Mbps40 Mbps
Disney Plus (HD)Disney Plus 4K5 Mbps25 Mbps
Hulu Hulu + Live TV3-16 Mbps8-16 Mbps
YouTube TV3-20 Mbps
fuboTV10-25 Mbps
HBO Max5-50 Mbps
Peacock2.5 Mbps

Recommended Internet Speed for Streaming Music 

Streaming PlatformRecommended Internet Speed 
YouTube Music1-20 Mbps
Amazon Music7-10 Mbps
SpotifyLess than 1 Mbps
TIDAL2-18 Mbps
PandoraLess than 1 Mbps
Apple Music7-10 Mbps

Recommended Internet Speed for Gaming

Gaming with slow and unstable internet connection is a headache. Especially for pro gamers, who can’t settle less than Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, or DOTA 2 are recommended to have speeds equal to or greater than 25Mbps. Take a look at the table below for more info on recommended internet speed for online gaming and gaming platforms. 

Recommended Internet Speed for Gaming Platforms 

Gaming PlatformDownload Speed Upload SpeedMax Latency 
Steam1 Mbps1 MbpsN/A
Xbox3 Mbps0.5 Mbps150 ms
Nintendo Switch3 Mbps1 MbpsN/A
PlayStation2 Mbps2 MbpsN/A
GameDownload SizeDownload Time Required for 10MbpsDownload TIme Required for 25MbpsDownload Time Required for 50MbpsDownload Time Required for 100Mbps
Counter Strike15GB3 Hours Approx1.5 Hours Approx45 Minutes Approx30 Minutes Approx
World ofWarcraft62.3GB14 Hours Approx5.5 Hours Approx2 Hours 45 Minutes Approx1.5 Hours Approx
Fortnite26GB6 Hours Approx2.5 Hours Approx1 Hour Approx45 Minutes Approx
Grand Theft Auto V95GB21 Hours Approx8.5 Hours Approx4:15 Approx2 Hours Approx
League ofLegends9GB2 Hours Approx48 Minutes Approx24 Minutes Approx12 Minutes Approx
Call of Duty61GB13.5 Hours Approx5.5 Hours Approx3 Hours Approx1.5 Hours Approx
Dota 28.7Gb2 Hours Approx48 Minutes Approx30 minutes Approx15 Minutes Approx

The numbers are approximate and can vary. But for a general overview, you can simply refer to this table to know recommended internet speed for gaming and streaming. 

When it comes to streaming vs cable, people are more inclined toward streaming services. There are a handful of reasons behind this, which we will discuss in this section. Let’s take a look. 

Why Streaming is Better than Cable?

why steaming is better than cable

With the advancement in technology and everything going mobile, people prefer to have everything in their palms. That is why most of the technologies have gone obsolete or are being used less than compared to the past. 

Today, the internet has gone mainstream and most of our activities are glued to it. Whether it be working on a science project at school, entertainment after a tiring day, gaming on weekends, or calling someone for important updates, the internet has made it easy for us to do anything and anywhere. 

As the internet has evolved, the use of DVDs, CDs, and other forms of entertainment has gone obsolete. Cable TV which was once the main part of every household to catch up with sitcoms, reality shows, and blockbuster movies on weekends is not so common as people are more inclined towards something mobile. 

Cable TV is being replaced by streaming platforms such as Netflix, Philo, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. The credit goes to the high-speed internet that is now available in every household. On top of it, service providers like Spectrum, Xfinity, and Cox should not be put back as they ensure to provide seamless, uninterrupted, and high-speed internet all the time. 

If you are an old-fashioned and classic guy with a love for watching live channels and TV shows might not be aware of streaming platforms and their benefits. Don’t worry, you can stay with it if you feel the money spent is worth every dime. But if your budget is getting out of control, streaming is a viable option to look for. Let’s find out some reasons why streaming is better than cable. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Streaming 

Streaming has gained popularity in recent years due to many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that it offers more flexibility, cost saving, and fresh content. Unlike cable, streaming is much easier to go with as it requires only high-speed internet. You don’t need to have an equipment or call someone to install it in your home. Moreover, you will also not be surprised by the hidden charges, taxes, other fees, etc. With all that said, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of streaming. In this section, you can analyze whether streaming is the right choice or whether you need to stick with cable. 

Advantages of Streaming Service

No Contract Obligations 

If you are using cable services, you may have faced contractual obligations. Most cable provider companies restrict you with contractual obligations for one or two years. In case, you opt out of their services, you will be slapped with a big cancelation fee, which might be a fortune for many households. 

But streaming service is free from any such bullshits that lock you in a contract. No matter, what time of the day you want to subscribe to a platform or in which month you want to cancel, streaming services are free from any restrictions. No contracts, no cancellation fees, and most of all freedom and peace of mind. For instance, if you have signed up for Netflix and at the end of the next billing cycle you feel, your money will be wasted due to your busy schedule and not watching Netflix, you can cancel the plan. Netflix won’t ask you any nitty-gritty details or charge you cancellation fees. But the case is quite the opposite when you are locked up in a contract with some cable provider. 

No Equipment Required

Streaming services are a blessing for those who are unable to watch TV programming due to busy schedules. It is hard for people to get some time out of their work and watch their favorite shows, TV programming, and live sporting action. When it comes to cable, you need to have the equipment to start watching your favorite shows and programming. Moreover, if you have subscribed to the cable service for the first time, an appointment is also booked to confirm your availability at home. In addition, you also have to pay installation charges and equipment charges, and in some cases activation charges as well. 

But a streaming service is an ideal option, if you love to watch everything on the go. Without installing any equipment, you can start streaming your favorite shows, movies, and documentaries. All you need to connect your device to the internet whether it be WiFi or using mobile data. 

Fixed Monthly Cost

Cable TV offers you a huge channel lineup including sports, movies, entertainment, kids programming, and much more. However, when it comes to monthly fees, cable service can cause a huge dent on your budget. Right from the start, cable providers slap heavy fees, hidden charges, and fixed charges. To add more to your surprise, most of the cable service providers increase the monthly charges after a year or two. 

But you are free from any surprises and eye popouts when it comes to streaming services. A flat monthly fee is charged without adding hidden fees. You need to pay what’s being told on the official website. However, some streaming platforms also allow you to add more to the existing plan, which may increase the base charges. But overall, the flat fee helps you stay calm and cool without worrying about hefty charges out of nowhere. 

On-the-Go Access 

In this fast-paced world, everybody wants to have access on the go. Cable service is not like that as you have to sit right in front of the television screen to watch your favorite show. However, some cable providers facilitate customers by offering access to content on mobile apps. In general, you can watch your favorite channels only when in front of your television screen. 

However, accessing content through streaming services is extremely easy. You need to have a compatible device that supports the streaming app, and you are good to go. Whether you are traveling in a bus, sitting in a cafe, or relaxing on a comfortable couch, access the content without restricting yourself to a specific place. 

Fresh Content Availablity and Updates 

Cable TV is limited to channels and their broadcast schedule. You have to watch them whenever they are aired. Once you miss the show, you either have to wait for the repeat telecast or need someone to upload it on video platforms like YouTube. A channel might not air fresh content that has been released recently. They may air only old content that you have watched hundreds of times. 

But the case of streaming services is different. Every streaming platform has its own set of shows, and movies primarily targeted toward specific audiences. Just take the example of Disney+ which is normally targeted towards kids, teenagers, and grownups. Moreover, the content is kept fresh to keep the customers paying the subscription every month. You may end up watching the latest releases of TV series and movies that cable TV subscribers might not even have heard of. 

Download for Offline Viewing 

Cable TV is not as flexible as streaming services. When it comes to downloading content, you have no option to save programs for later viewing in case of cable service. And even if some of the providers offer a DVR storage option, you might not be able to access it on your smartphone or tablet.  

But streaming service is much more flexible and allows you to download shows and movies without even consuming your device’s storage. Access it on the go while you are traveling for long hours, feeling bored on the weekend, or waiting for an internet outage to be fixed. 

Advertisement is Limited to None 

The most annoying thing about cable TV is the advertisement that shows up after some time. You cannot even skip the advertisement to continue watching your favorite show. The show is hardly half an hour long and would take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. 

However, streaming service is not only money saver, but also time saver as well. Although some streaming service providers do offer advertisements, but they can be skipped by paying a few extra bucks. And even if you don’t like to pay extra charges, the advertisements are not too long to become unbearable. 

Watch Anything on Your Schedule 

Busy people can’t find time to watch television. Especially during the weekdays, it is almost impossible to catch up with the favorite TV channel broadcasting sitcom that you love. You cannot do anything because you need to follow their schedule to watch your favorite program.

However, streaming service is different and allows you to have the freedom to watch anything anytime on your own schedule. Most streaming services also start the show from where you left so there is no need to remember the timeline from where you left. 

Multiple Options Available 

When it comes to cable TV, you have only a limited number of choices. For instance, a service provider may not offer you a channel lineup in the basic plan that adores you the most. You either have to pay more or skip the subscription. 

But when it comes to streaming services, you have the freedom to choose whatever delights you. For instance, if you are sports and news lover, instead of subscribing to Netflix or Disney+, you can either go for fuboTV or YouTube TV to catch up with live sporting actions. Most of the streaming services also offer you to bundle several streaming services in one plan, as we just mentioned in Disney+ plans. 

Loads of Entertainment without Putting Dent on Budget

Cable service is extremely expensive and can put a huge hole in your budget. Similarly, if you want to watch a movie in the cinema, it would put a dent on your budget as the normal price of a ticket for one person is more than Netflix’s basic plan. 

Streaming services are good to opt if you want to enjoy loads of entertainment at a low price. The variety of shows, movies, and documentaries will never give you boredom. There are also some places where you can’t find many entertainment options. That is where streaming services come to rescue you and give you loads of entertainment without paying hefty fees. 

Control Kids’ Screen Time and Content 

When it comes to kids’ viewing, parents need to take special care of and be watchful of what type of content is being watched. As for cable is concerned, there are few options to control what kids watch and how much time they spend. 

But the streaming services in this regard take the lead as it allow parents to take charge of what content their kids can watch. As most of the services offer creating profiles, which helps in recommending appropriate content according to age. Moreover, many internet service providers also give the option to control screen time and restrict inappropriate content that is not suitable for kids. 

Disadvantages of Streaming Services 

disadvantages for steaming service

Streaming services are good to go for as long as you know what you are paying for. However, you should also bear in mind that there are several disadvantages of streaming services that must be considered before you ditch the cable. Here are some of them.

Get Costlier than Cable Service 

If you are living in a big household with diverse people of various ages, streaming services might not be suitable for you. For instance, kids who love to watch cartoons and kid’s programming would prefer Disney+. While teenagers and adults are more attracted to Amazon Prime and Netflix Originals. And as for older people and sports lovers, streaming services like fuboTV, YouTube TV, or Sling are great choices. 

But if you add up the cost of each streaming service, you will notice the cost would even surge more than a cable TV subscription. So if you are a big family with different types of audiences, streaming services might not be a good option. 

Addictive in Nature 

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu offer a huge collection of movies, TV series, and documentaries. The quality of these programs is no doubt exceptional. Moreover, it is a common observation that some of binge-worthy TV series are addictive in nature. This might lead to greater screen time, less physical activity, and more strain on the eyes. It would definitely result in poor health and lifestyle. Sitting for long hours in one place can also result in backache and other ortho problems. 

No Access without Internet 

When it comes to streaming services, you can access the content from anywhere and any part of the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection. But when it comes to maintenance and outages of internet service providers, you will not be able to watch any form of content. And if the maintenance work or outage lasts for days, there will be a complete blackout, leaving you bored.  While in the case of cable TV, it only needs a power supply and connection to your home to let you watch your favorite channels. 

The cost of High-Speed Internet 

Streaming services without high-speed Internet would only let you keep waiting. Watching buffering icon on your screen in the middle of a TV show or movie is frustrating. Instead of saving some money to get low-speed internet, you need to look out for high-speed internet. However, high-speed internet comes with a greater cost, which you need to calculate before subscribing to it. Remember, the more speed you opt for, the higher the price will be. In addition, the cost may surge after a year or two. So before you ditch the cable, it is important to consider the cost of the internet as well. 

No Physical Activity 

Streaming services are highly addictive in nature. Once you sit down to watch, you end up spending hours and hours without knowing about your whereabouts. Sitting constantly in one place without movement can cause serious health issues.

Staying in front of a screen for long hours without physical activity might lead to obesity, which can also result in other health concerns such as blood pressure and heart risks. If not taken care of, it could also result in death.

Why Cable is Still a Better Option for You?

In the war between cable and streaming, the majority of people will argue to cut the cord and switch to streaming for many benefits. When it comes to streaming services, yes, they are highly beneficial and money savers, but it is not ideal to have streaming services in some cases. Here are some of the reasons why ditching cable is not right for you. 

High-speed Internet is Not Available 

Streaming services are highly dependent on high-speed internet. Although, if you look at speed requirements, you will find that most of them require not more than 25Mbps. But if you are an avid internet user, you may realize that even having a 25Mbps connection will cause buffering issues. The reason is that some other family members are also connected to the same network. And not to forget the endless smart home devices that are connected 24/7 consume a high amount of bandwidth. 

If you are living in an area where the internet speed is too low, you may not consider streaming services at all. In rural areas where only satellite internet is available, streaming is not suitable at all. The reason is that satellite internet is not as fast as cable or DSL internet. Secondly, satellite internet has a limited amount of data cap, which is not enough to fulfill your internet needs. Even if you decide to buy more data, the cost will reach more than what you pay for normal cable TV. 

Cable TV Plans are Not Always Costly 

If you look back a few years back, it was true that streaming services were way cheaper than cable. But nowadays, most streaming services are offering lesser features and charging higher compared to cable. For instance, the YouTube TV basic plan costs you $72.99 per month, while Xfinity basic plan is just $60 per month offering more than 125 channels. And Xfinity also does not restrict you to a specific channel lineup. 

Have Large Family with Diverse Needs  

Streaming services, no matter how cheap it gets, it can’t beat cable when it comes to channel lineup. Most TV watchers don’t even watch 10 channels on cable, but still, the choices are unlimited without any restrictions. 

Whereas when it comes to streaming, only a handful of streaming platforms offer live TV with only a limited number of channels. Moreover, it is also worth noting that cable TV provides big and small households enough channels to keep everyone engaged and entertained. For instance, kids, teens, grownups, adults, and old aged will have two to three channels in the lineup to get a dose of entertainment they love to watch. While streaming services require a different subscription to get specific channels. 

Fear of Missing Your Favorite Shows

The majority of streaming services have grabbed the attention by offering DVR storage to record live broadcasts. But things have changed and most of the cable TV providers are also offering the same facility. It allows you to record live broadcasts whenever you are away and watch them later. 

Internet Outage is Common in Your Area 

If you are living in an area where thunderstorms, winds, and tornadoes often disturb the infrastructure and wires including the internet, streaming service is not for you. Imagine missing the final basketball match of your favorite teams due to an internet outage. 

Cable TV is up and running always and can be watched during the internet blackout. So if you are worried about an Internet blackout, make sure not to switch to streaming. 

Now let’s move on to different streaming platforms to watch movies, TV series, live shows, and much more. For Spectrum Internet users, these streaming platforms will not give any kind of trouble. 

Best Streaming Movie and TV-Series Streaming Platforms for Spectrum Internet Users 

best streaming streaming platforms for spectrum internet users

In the digital world, everything is available in abundance. Whether you are looking for social sites, video sites, or gaming platforms, just search in Google, and if not thousands, hundreds of names will appear right before your eyes. The same goes for streaming platforms for movies – you can’t decide which one is better and why. But don’t worry, this section and other sections in this post are related to the best streaming platforms. So sit tight and choose the best plan for your personal needs. 

  1. Netflix 

Netflix is one of the top and most recognized streaming platforms for movies offering high-quality content at affordable prices. Unlike cable services, Netflix’s pricing is way cheaper than monthly cable services. Moreover, the content is refreshed and added to it after every week. 

No matter, which part of the world you live in, Netflix has got you covered in the form of TV series, Netflix Originals, and movies. Select from a wide range of movies and TV shows according to your favorite genre and enjoy your free time and weekends without paying a hefty fee. 

Netflix is available globally and can be accessed through the web and app. It is also compatible with smart devices including tablets, smartphones, and TVs. The interface is quite friendly and sifting through different titles is easy and smooth. All of the categories are displayed in sections and watching your favorite show is just a click away.

One of the drawbacks of Netflix is that it does not offer any live TV streaming. And if you are a big fan of sports and news channels, you need to subscribe to another streaming platform that we will discuss later. 

Some of the popular movies and TV shows on Netflix to watch include

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto KingBob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal, and GreedStruggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski
Period End of SentenceThe Elephant Whisperers Icarus
Get Me Roger StoneUntold: Crimes and Penalties Misha and the Wolves

There are probably hundreds of shows, TV-series, Netflix originals, and blockbuster movies you can watch right now. Now let’s take a look at Netflix Plans and Pricing in detail. 

Netflix PlansPrice Features 
Netflix Standard with Ads$6.99 per monthFull HD Available2 Supported DevicesAd-SupportedUnlimited Games
Netflix Basic$9.99 per monthAd-Free Movies & TV ShowsWatch Videos in HDDownload on 1 Supported Device Watch on 1 Supported Device
Netflix Standard $15.49 per monthUnlimited Access to Movies and TV-Shows without AdsFull HDDownload on 2 Supported DevicesWatch on 2 Supported Devices
Netflix Premium$19.99 per monthWatch in Ultra HDNetflix Spatial AudioUnlimited Access to MOvies and TV-series without AdsWatch on 4 Supported Devices Download on 6 Supported Devices 

Signup for Netflix account now and choose from various payment options. You can cancel the subscription whenever you like without any hefty charges. 

Netflix Pros and Cons 

Multiple ViewershipContent Availability Depends on Location
Downloadable Content for Offline ViewingAds Served on Basic Plan
User Friendly InterfaceNo Live TV Channels
Device CompatibilityDelayed Updates
Affordable PlansContent Updation and Deletion Not Known
  1. Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video is another great option for streaming on your Spectrum internet without buffering or lags. The service is catered to facilitate its customers to enjoy shopping benefits as well as get a treat of daily movies, TV series, and all that you want to keep yourself engaged. 

Amazon Prime is available for a 30-day free trial, which allows you to enjoy free shipping, exclusive discounts, same-day delivery, savings on thousands of items, and free games.

Moreover, the collection of movies, documentaries, and TV series is much bigger than that of Netflix. 

In case, you are desiring more content, worry not, Amazon Prime Video also allows you to add Prime Video Channels to the subscription. Have more entertainment and fun with premium channels like STARZ, Paramount+, and NBA League Pass. If you can afford to pay the fee for these channels just for the sake of catching live sporting action, you have got everything in one place. 

When it comes to the Amazon Prime Video web interface, it is not too impressive and could be a big turn-off. The content is hard to find but not when you sift through genres and categories. 

On the contrary, when it comes to the Amazon Prime app, you can enjoy a much better and more seamless experience. The app is compatible with smart TV, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Moreover, you can also download your favorite content on the device for later viewing. It is also worth mentioning that Amazon Prime Video allows you to stream on multiple devices simultaneously. 

Amazon Prime Video is no less than a haven for streamers as it offers original content in high definition not less than 4K. Although other streaming platforms are also offering the same perks, Amazon Prime Video leads from the top. 

One of the features that we loved the most is Amazon’s Prime Video content is available for download. You can download as many as 25 Amazon Titles to your device and enjoy watching the content on the go without even having an internet connection. 

Amazon Prime Video Pricing and Plans are just straightforward. The monthly cost of Amazon Prime membership is only $14.99 per month or $139 per annum. However, if you are a student, you start your free trial of 6 months and later enjoy prime at half the price i.e. $7.49 per month. 

Popular Amazon Prime Movies and TV Shows to watch:

The BoysJack RyanCarnival Row
Daisy Jones & the SixThe ConsultantThe Expanse
FleabagReacherThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amazon Prime Video Pros and Cons 

Free Shipping Available for Prime MembersCostly
Express ShippingLimited Music Option
Special Discounts and Exclusive DealsNot Good if You Don’t Shop Frequently
Free Prime Reading
Unlimited Photo Storage
Twitch Prime for Gamers
  1. Hulu 

Hulu is also one of the most popular streaming services for watching movies and Tv-shows. The best part about Hulu is its original content that is available throughout the year with updates every now and then. Some of the original movies and TV series include The Handmaid’s Tale, The Little Fires Everywhere, and many more. Moreover, the streaming platform is also known for releasing new episodes after they are aired on television. So you don’t need to worry about paying for a cable subscription to watch your favorite show as soon as possible. 

Unlike most of streaming services, Hulu is a lot more affordable, offers extra perks, and keeps you engaged by adding fresh content while not removing the older ones. 

When it comes to Hulu’s cost, the plans are quite budget oriented. For instance, the basic plan served with commercials costs only $7.99 per month. While if you want to stream without any delays or interruption, you can simply go for Hulu without ads for $14.99 per month. And not to forget, a 30-day free trial is available before you get started with Hulu’s paid plan. 

Hulu is way better than any other streaming platform because it allows you to add and bundle with other streaming platforms such as ESPN+ and Disney+. If you are a sports fanatic and can’t keep yourself untouched by the latest sporting events, Hulu is just a great option. And if you are having kids and teenagers at home, you got the bang for the buck by adding Disney+ to your Hulu plan. Mind that it may get too addictive to get your eyes off the screen.

The icing on the top is that Hulu offers all three streaming services in one for just $13 per month with ads. But adding a few more bucks would give you access to all three platforms at an economical price of $20 per month. Now calculate the cost individually and look for yourself how much you are going to save each month. 

If you want to watch live sports, you can’t have it on Hulu. But don’t worry, you can simply pay more and get a subscription to Hulu + Live TV. Watch live channels just like you watch on your cable TV including SEC Network, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, and FS1. 

Hulu is a streaming platform made for families. Even if you have toddlers and preschoolers at home, Hulu gives access to a collection of TV shows catered to meet the requirements of tiny and petite audiences. Do your daily chores as normal while keeping those little devils engaged and hooked to screens. 

Some of the most popular TV series and movies to watch on Hulu include. 

American IdolTiny Beautiful ThingsAlone
Grande KinghthawkCharles: In His Own WordsTil Death Do Us Part  
Secrets of the ElephantsDoctor LawyerCandy

Hulu Pros and Cons

Affordable Basic PlanAnnoying Ads on Basic Plan 
New Updates Available Relatively Small Collection
Original ProgrammingComplex Pricing 
Bundle and Add-ons 
  1. HBO Max

HBO Max is also noteworthy and worth spending streaming platform for movie and TV-series lovers. It is owned by Warner Bros and offers a huge collection of HBO shows, classic movies, anime, cartoons, and originals. If you are looking for a streaming platform that brings movies straight from the theater to your screen, then HBO Max is the perfect deal. 

The streaming platform is a perfect mix of HBO series, original content, and WarnerMedia Movies. No matter how big or small your family is, HBO Max has got you covered with a variety of shows catered for every age group including adults, teenagers, kids, and grownups. 

If you have subscribed to Cox TV, Spectrum TV, or Optimum TV, HBO Max is provided as a complimentary subscription. While DIRECTV Stream and DirecTV offer HBO Max free for 3 months. 

HBO Max is comparatively more expensive than other streaming platforms, but that justifies completely due to premium quality shows, movies, and originals. Talking about the plans and pricing, HBO Max offers $9.99 per month with ads. However, if you want to get rid of those ads, you can simply go for $14.99 per month ad-free plan with up to 3 screens streaming simultaneously. 

HBO Max is available on almost all streaming devices including iPad, Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox One, Roku, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromebooks, and many more. the

One of the best things about HBO Max is its elegant and unique web interface. When you access the streaming platform website, you will see large thumbnails without overcrowding the space. Easy navigation is available on the left side. While sections are divided into coming soon, Home, originals, just added, and last chance. 

Talking about the mobile app, HBO Max works perfectly on Android 10 devices and above. The navigation is smooth and the experience is seamless. You can navigate all your favorite shows and movies without any hassle. If you want to get a final verdict about HBO Max, we would recommend you to subscribe to it, if your evenings are incomplete without watching something worthwhile. While if you are budget oriented and don’t want to spend more than $10, you can either choose Netflix or Hulu. Both offer huge library of movies and original shows for its subscribers. 

Some of the most popular TV shows, movies, and originals to watch on HBO Max include:

The Flight AttendantThe WireStation Eleven
Big Little LiesLove LifeDoom Patrol
Friends Reunion SpecialThe White LotusSearch Party 

Pros and Cons HBO Max 

Pros Cons 
Huge Collection of High-Quality Movies, TV-shows, and OriginalsMore Expensive than Most of its Rivals
Intuitive and User-Friendly Web and Mobile AppAd Supported Plan Does Not Allow Download for Offline Viewing
Parental Control Options AvailableLimited 4K Titles
Ad Free Plan offers Download for Offline Viewing

5. Disney+

Disney+ is a place for all those Pixar, Marvel, and Disney lovers. One of the best streaming platforms for Spectrum internet users to enjoy watching movies, Tv-series, and originals without buffering. The platform was launched in November 2019 in the United States, Netherlands, and Canada. Later on, it expanded its coverage in Oceania, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

Disney is one of the most popular media players known for years and has expanded exponentially. Although Disney+ is much newer than other streaming platforms but has been quite popular among youngsters, teens, and kids. Presently it has approximately a collection of over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movies, which is quite phenomenal. 

When it comes to Disney+ pricing and plans, the lowest plan costs only $7.99 per month. However, if you go for the annual payment option, a discount is already waiting for you that would cost you $79.99. In the past, the streaming platform charged $6.99 per month while the per year cost was $69.99. Moreover, contrary to the past, Disney+ no longer offers a 7-day free trial.

Here’s an overview of how Disney+ Pricing and Plan looks like. 

Disney Bundle Plan 

Disney+ PlansDisney+ Price Disney+ Features 
Duo Basic (Hulu + Disney+) served with Ads$9.99 per monthThousands of Movies & TV-series from Pixar, Star Wars, and DisneyMultiple Device Streaming
Trio Basic (Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+) with Ads$12.99 per monthHuge Library of Movies, Originals, and Shows from National Geographic, Pixar, and Star WarsAccess to Hulu’s Vast Collection of Movies and TV-showsSimultaneous Device Streaming Download Favorite Shows from ESPN+ Only
Trio Premium (Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+) without ads$19.99 per monthAccess Thousands of Movies, TV-series, and Shows from Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, and National GeographicMultiple Device StreamingAccess to Hulu’s Movie, TV-series, and Original CollectionESPN+ Access to View Live Sports and Biggest TournamentsAd-Free StreamingDownload and Watch Offline on the Go


Disney PlanPrice Features
Basic with Ads$7.99 per monthFresh Content Every WeekWatch on Multiple Devices Personalized Profile for up to 7 PeoplDisney+ Titles in 4K 
Premium without Ads$10.99 per monthAd Free StreamingDownload and Watch while Offline Mutiple Device AccessPersonalized Disney+ RecommendationsExciting Shows and Movies Added Weekly

Some of the Movies and TV-shows to watch on Disney+ include:

Black Panther Wakanda ForeverMiley Cyrus Endless Summer Vacation Bono & The Edge A Sort of Homecoming
The CrossoverRestaurants at the End of the WorldTurning the Tables with Robin Roberts
Peter Pan & WendyA Small LightStar Wars: Young Jedi Adventures 

Pros and Cons Disney+

Perfect Streaming Platform for Families with KidsNot Suitable for People Looking for Diverse Genre Programming
Budget Friendly Streaming PlatformContent Geared Towards Kids Instead of Grownups and Adults
Great Choice for Sports Lovers as it offers ESPN+ Add on OptionLImited Variety Compared to other Streaming Platforms
Hulu can be Added for a Nominal Price 

Best Live TV Streaming Services with Local Channels for Spectrum Internet

No matter, what kind of content you watch on streaming platforms, there is always some tingling for live channels and programming. Especially if you are a sports enthusiast, it becomes almost impossible to resist big sporting events such as world cups and championships. 

Don’t worry, there are some affordable live TV streaming services offering local channels. These live TV streaming services are good to stream on Spectrum Internet. Let’s look at some of the most popular and top live-streaming services with local channels. Some of these platforms also offer on-demand content and other features similar to Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. 

YouTube TV

Video streaming platforms are found in abundance. But not all of them are worth giving a try. When it comes to live TV streaming services, our top pick is YouTube TV due to multiple reasons. 

It is no doubt a perfect alternative for cable TV due to its huge channel offerings, unlimited DVR storage space, and latest news clips. In fact, everyone living in your house will find programming related to his/her interest. Whether it be a preschooler, a grandpa, or an adult, YouTube TV is a great choice for every household. 

Talking about the pricing, YouTube TV is available for only $73 per month. And for a limited time, you can enjoy a flat $8 discount for the first 3 months, which means you are going to pay $64.99 per month. 

As we have mentioned earlier, YouTube TV tops our list of best live TV streaming services. And the reason is its channel lineup. Some of the channels you can watch on it include TNT, ABC, Food Network, CNN, Comedy Central, FS1, Fox, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, and many more. Your eyes might have caught up the attention especially if you are a sports fanatic. 

YouTube TV allows making up of up to 6 individual accounts for recommendations based on interest. Moreover, if you don’t want to miss any of your favorite show, you can benefit from unlimited DVR storage offered free of cost. When it comes to streaming, you can simultaneously stream on 3 devices. 

YouTube TV is our top pick not only due to the features it offers. There are some add-ons that can enhance your experience and add more to the entertainment. For instance, you can unlock unlimited simultaneous streams at home with 4K plus. You can also watch recordings without being connected to the internet, as well as enjoy crystal clear video in 4K resolution for only $9.99 per month. 

If you are not satisfied with what’s being offered on YouTube TV, then try add-ons for $1.99 per month and get MGM+ Shudder, and ALLBLK for original series, niche genres, and popular movies. 

YouTube TV has more add-on options than any other streaming platform. There are still more ways to enhance your experience with this streaming platform. For only $29.99 per month, add STARZ, SHOWTIME, and HBO Max to your existing plan. Before you complain about being too pricey, make sure to calculate the price of each premium channel individually. 

Sports lovers are not left isolated in this world of cord-cutting. As we have already mentioned the inclusion of many sports channels, you can bundle up 13+ channels including RedZone from NFL Network and many more for just $10.99 per month. 

Overall YouTube TV is a pure class of entertainment, fun, and live sporting action all combined in one. 

Popular shows and movies to watch on YouTube TV include:

The Flight Attendant90 Day FianceThe Walking Dead
The Great NorthBilly the KidBillions
Jimmy Kimmel Live The OfficeFriends
Free Unlimited DVR StorageParental Control Not So Advance
Huge Channel Lineup Expensive than other Live Streaming Platforms
Impressive Collection of Movies and TV-seriesLimited 4K Content 
1080p Videos Available for Some Channels 
Bundle and Add-ons Available Relatively Low Price
Compatible with Almost All Devices
Multiple Streams Available Simultaneously

Hulu + Live TV

As we have mentioned Hulu in the previous section – we are including it one more time due to its premium plan that includes live TV streaming. If you are looking for a cable alternative in a relatively low price than YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV is the best option to look for. The basic plan only includes on-demand content, while the plus plan includes everything you would love to watch on your regular cable TV. 

Hulu + Live TV subscribers can download a number of movies and select TV shows for offline viewing. It also includes Hulu’s original programming. Moreover, if you are eligible you can download up to 25 videos on 5 different devices. The videos will be deleted after 30 days, and if you have started watching the video, make sure to complete it in two days. 

Hulu + Live TV is the best option for cord-cutters to save hefty bills, surprise charges, and additional fees. Whether you are a sports lover or love to watch live TV channels, Hulu + Live TV has got you covered. The channel lineup includes some of the most popular ones including CBS, Fox, MTV, Food Network, History, ESPN, ESPN2, Golf, MSNBC, VH1, Lifetime, and many more.

If you are looking for a value deal, look no further as Hulu + Live TV offers Disney and ESPN+ with ads for just $69.99 per month. And if you want to go for an ad-free plan, Hulu + Live TV will cost only $82.99 per month. 

It is worth mentioning that Hulu is compatible with almost all popular devices including Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and many more. 

If that is not enough to satisfy your entertainment cravings, Hulu also offers an add-on option to give you everything in one place. For instance, you can add HBO Max to your plan and get a fresh and daily dose of thriller and action-packed movies along with TV series, documentaries, and much more for only $15.99 per month. 

In addition,  you can also add Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and STARZ for $9.99, $10.99, and $8.99 per month respectively. 

If you are a student and want to get a break during your studies, there is no cheap alternative than Hulu with an ads plan. For only $1.99 per month, you can watch everything available on Hulu be it originals, TV series, or movies. 

However, to be eligible for this discount, you need to verify your startus by sharing your ID. Once you have done it, you will be eligible for the discount and can watch everything that is available for regular customers. 

Some of the movies, TV shows, documentaries, and kids’ shows you can watch on Hulu + Live TV include:

Power Book II: GhostGreat ExpectationsThe War with Grandpa
We Are Lifestyle Love SupremeTiny Beautiful ThingsHistory of the War Part II
Hunter KillerTaken 3 Exodus: Gods and Kings 

Pros and Cons of Hulu + Live TV

Best Collection of Movies, TV-series, Originals, Kids, Ad-free plan cost more
Cloud DVR Option for RecordingLimited Originals Compared to Rivals
Huge Channel Lineup with Focus on Sports, News, and LifestyleOffline Viewing Required Premium Account
Add-on Options Available 


When it comes to picking up right alternative to cable service, you have plenty of options to go for. However, the real problem comes when with a little price difference, you can get more than what others are offering. 

If you are tired of paying hefty cable bills and looking for the best alternative that offers live TV channels along with a great collection of movies and other TV series, Fubo, which was formerly named as fuboTV has been a great cable alternative to keep your budget under control and your entertainment sources running. 

Fubo subscription starts from $75 per month offering access to more than 80 channels that you normally watch on your cable. However, the only difference is that you don’t need to have a cable box or sign a long-term contract. Get access to all your favorite shows, sporting action, and news right from your tablet, TV, smartphone, or laptop. 

If you have decided to go with Fubo, you have two plans to choose from. Pro and Elite. As mentioned earlier, if you are a sports person, you are going to get all under one streaming platform that is Fubo offering sports leagues and college leagues including MLB, NHL, NBA, SEC, Big Ten, ESPN1,  Pac-12, and many more. 

Fubo’s pro plan costing $75 per month includes everything a family needs to keep themselves entertained. This includes channels like Fox News, MSNBC, Disney Channel, and many other sports channels as mentioned earlier. 

However, if you upgrade your plan to Fubo Elite, you will be paying $85 per month, which unlocks many of the premium sports networks including ESPNU, and ESPNews. In January 2023, Fubo introduced another plan i.e. premier package that offers 200 channels, which also comprises add-on packages at a cost of $95 per month. 

Fubo also offers Cloud DVR to help you record your favorite shows, programs, and anything you don’t like to miss during your absence. All three plans offer you 1,000 hours of storage, which is absolutely mind-blowing. Talking about compatible streaming devices, Fubo works on all devices including Chromecast, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox Gaming Consoles, Samsung Smart TVs, and Roku. 

When it comes to simultaneous streaming and screen sharing, Fubo is a clear winner as it allows 10 simultaneous streams on all three plans. While 6 user profiles are allowed on Fubo Pro and Fubo Elite and 3 user profiles on Fubo Premier. 

Here’s is a list of movies and tv-shows you can watch on Fubo. 

80 for BradyBlacklistThe Rookie
Your HonorWill TrentFight Club
Saturday Night LiveJason BourneThe Company You Keep 

Pros and Cons of Fubo 

Huge Channel Offering for Kids, Movies, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and SportsBig Sports Network Like TBS and TNT Missing on Fubo
Best for Sports Lovers Regional Sports Channels Come with a Fee
Regional Sports Channels IncludedHigher Price than Most of its Rival
DVR Storage with 1000 Hours of RecordingQuarterly Plans are a Complete Turn Off

Summing Up

Is Spectrum internet good for streaming and gaming? Yes, it is good for gaming and streaming. We have elaborated on everything you need to know about internet speeds to stream on different platforms like YouTube TV, Sling, Amazon Prime, and many more. 

We have also discussed what streaming platforms are best for you as a Spectrum internet user. Moreover, you have also learned some of the advantages and disadvantages of streaming platforms and why ditching cable is not right for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is Spectrum Good for Streaming?

A. Spectrum is no doubt best for streaming and gaming. Even if you opt the basic plan i.e. Spectrum Internet, you will be getting high-speed internet of up to 300Mbps. Rest assured you can stream smoothly with Spectrum Internet without buffering issues. 

Q. What is the ideal internet speed for streaming?

A. According to Netflix, you need 5Mbps internet speed to stream content smoothly. However, some of the streaming platforms require higher speed, which is mentioned in the post. 

Q. What is recommended internet speed for streaming Twitch?

A. Recommended internet speed for streaming Twitch is between 5Mbps to 8Mbps. 

Q. What Spectrum Internet speed do I have?

A. Spectrum currently offers three plans for internet users namely Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Internet Ultra, and Spectrum Internet Gig. The basic plan i.e. Spectrum Internet offers a download speed of up to 300Mbps. Spectrum Internet Ultra offers a download speed of up to 500Mbps. And Spectrum Internet Gig offers a whopping speed of up to 1,000Mbps. 

Q. What Spectrum internet speed should I get?

A. When it comes to deciding what Spectrum internet speed should I get, it is really confusing. But if you dive deeply, you will get the answer. Make sure to count the members in your home and their internet activities. If there are 3-5 members, all addicted to gaming and 4K streaming, a 300Mbps connection would be enough. However, if there are more than 5 members in your home, you should consider Spectrum internet ultra or Spectrum internet gig. 

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